Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e first to feature own phone-to-tablet messaging continuity

It’s a $400 Android tablet that does less than a full-fledged productivity tool, but more than just play pretty movies. It’s the Galaxy Tab S5e.

Android Messages for web is rolling out, bringing RCS everywhere

Who cares if your computer is a Mac or Windows or even Linux? If you have a web browser, you can access your Android phone’s messages now.

Remix Singularity gives Android Continnum-like actionability

Jide, the company behind a desktop interface for Android, has come up with a way not to invest in a dedicated computer for said interface.

Mac OS X becomes macOS Sierra

When you talk about “OS X,” Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig…

Continuity gets better for phone calls on iOS 9

Learn more about some of the new updates that Apple is bringing to Continuity with iOS 9, as it seems you will no longer need Wi-Fi to use it.

How to use Continuity in iOS 8 and Yosemite (Video)

What is Apple’s new Continuity feature? How does it work? Learn all there is to know about Continuity in iOS 8 and Yosemite in this hands-on video!

Unification: the Microsoft way or the Apple way?

Microsoft seeks unification. Apple seeks Continuity. Two goals are not dissimilar from each other, but they are taking two very different paths.