Here’s how to solve your iPhone Xs connectivity problems

Solving your iPhone Xs connectivity problems is very simple if you don’t mind losing some passwords, just follow these easy steps

iPhone Xs users are having poor Wi-Fi and LTE connection problems

The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max are having LTE and Wi-Fi connection problems and there’s quite an interesting list of possible causes

Qualcomm will have 5G compatible chipsets in the first half of 2019

After the announcement of Huawei’s 7nm Kirin 980, Qualcomm has announced the arrival of 5G capable 7nm chipsets in smartphones during the first half of 2019

WiFi4EU program to deploy at least 6,000 free hotspots across the union

Up to 8,000 under-connected municipalities will be able to get a portion of the €120 million set aside for this program to get hotspots by 2020.
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Google Pixel connectivity issues with AWS Band 4

Issues where Pixel phones are failing to connect to LTE have been popping up for at least a week. Some think it’s an issue with some networks.

AT&T iPhone 7 connectivity issues pop up

T-Mobile customers had their issues with older iPhones taking on iOS 10. Now it’s the newest iPhone’s turn to get problems with AT&T.

Connectivity isn’t the problem. Addiction is.

Smart phone connectivity is everywhere, and smart phone addiction is a problem. “Everything in moderation” as the saying goes, include smart phone usage.