Would you buy a foldable iPhone if it looked like this? How much would you pay?
This concept imagines a foldable iPhone that looks pretty much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The concept is called iPhone 12 Flip, coincidentally.
slide-out iPhone concept
Slide-out iPhone concept video describes sick phone we’ll never see or buy
This will probably never happen… OK? Good! Now that we’ve got this out of the way, check out this sick slide-out iPhone concept!
foldable iPhone
This is what the Apple foldable iPhone could look like
Check out this Apple foldable iPhone concept video and let us know if this is something you’d like to see from the manufacturer.
Samsung Galaxy Band? Bend? A phone on your wrist
We’ll just tentatively call it the Galaxy Band. Samsung has patented a device which basically is a phone that wraps around your wrist.
lg bendable
LG bendable smartphone described by patent filing
A recent LG Display patent filing describes an possible LG bendable smartphone that introduces a different concept than what we’ve seen.
Galaxy F
Check out this cool foldable Samsung Galaxy F concept video
Check out this beautiful concept video that is trying to anticipate how the foldable Samsung Galaxy F will look like and operate.
Nokia 9 PureView
Concept designer plays with penta-lens Nokia 9
A penta-lens Nokia 9 would bring five cameras to the back of the smartphone alone. Check this out to see how it might look.
iPhone XS video
iPhone XS video shows off realistic concept
Take a look at this iPhone XS video! It shows off the two iPhone XS models, a 5.8- and a 6.5-inch version, in copper gold.
Newest MacBook Pro concept has a giant Touch Bar in video
We may see some changes in the future MacBook Pro models that could get rid of physical keyboards to give us a huge Touch Bar
Galaxy S10? iPhone X Plus? Photoshopped? What is this?
Whatever this phone is, a prominent Chinese tech leaker is talking a bit esoteric about the future and what smartphones can be.
Vivo APEX is a bonkers concept phone with half-screen fingerprint scanning and ‘elevating’ front camera
The Vivo APEX is likely to be the most innovative device showcased at MWC 2018 in Barcelona, but unfortunately, it’s just a non-commercial concept.
Razer Project Linda concept aims to blur the lines between smartphones and laptops
Far more ambitious than any Android laptop or PC-transforming smartphone concept before it, the Razer Project Linda is almost too good to be true.
Meizu PRO 7 rear screen leaked in series of draw-ups
If it’s got wacky hardware features, it’s gotta be a Chinese flagship smartphone, right? Meizu is rumored to be cutting the edge and painting the rear.
LG V30 leaks show one potential vision with a Priv-ish Second Screen
Evan Blass has a few good looks at one try on the LG V30. It includes a Second Screen that is offset from the main body and can extend from it.
Samsung Gear S3
Samsung Gear S3 gets LTE support in Classic flavor, hot concepts at Baselworld
The “classically” designed Samsung Gear S3 will feature its own 4G LTE speeds soon, while those mouth-watering concepts look like a pipe dream.
A Galaxy S8 render and a thought about concept renders [UPDATE]
The Galaxy S8 has been seen in pictures and renders of many sorts. But confusing them for “leaks” can lead to some credibility issues.
Maybe HTC Ocean Note will come on January 12 after all?
The Ocean Note may be seen as a chance for HTC to pull off a Hail Mary as its mobile phone market share continues to decline.
Can this concept HTC 11 make sense as company rebounds?
The OEM is clawing its way back to proper repute, but a bold smartphone release could help. Perhaps this is where the “Ocean” floats the boat.
Evan Blass posts thing we’re vaguely relating to the Surface Phone [UPDATE]
Is it in consideration? Did these renders even come from Microsoft? Where are going with an Intel “laptop-grade” processor? What is this?
HTC Ocean with Sense Touch is probably too neat a concept to ever materialize
A longtime HTC designer envisions something called Sense Touch revolutionizing user interaction on a concept phone dubbed HTC Ocean.
Samsung offers a taste of the future with demo of foldable 5.7-inch display prototype
The dream of a fully foldable Samsung smartphone or tablet continues to feel like a very distant one, despite a recent showcase of a screen prototype.
What do you think of this Apple iPhone 7 concept?
Take a look at this Apple iPhone 7 concept and let us know whether you’d like the 2016 Apple smartphone to look like this.
Would you buy HTC’s next phone if it looked like this HTC Aero concept?
If HTC’s upcoming “hero” smartphone looked like the one depicted in this HTC Aero concept, would you buy it? Check out the pictures and details!
Microsoft Lumia 940 specs and render imagined, together with Lumia 940XL
These Lumia 940 specs and renders, together with its bigger sibling, the Lumia 940XL, are concepts imagined by someone else than Microsoft. Do you like?
Renders compare the iPad Air Plus with 12-inch MacBook Air
Have a look at a couple of new renders that show us just how similar the new iPad Air Plus will look compared to the 12-inch MacBook Air rumored.