Sprint/T-Mobile merger delays may have been because of new 5G home internet ploy
We also learn that Sprint and T-Mobile are not willing to reliquinsh any of their spectrum or their prepaid carriers to move forward with the merger.
Xiaomi may only be worth $70 billion with very little help from Chinese investors
As competitors continue to grow with money from the homeland, Xiaomi is left crossing its fingers for investors from the West to hold it high.
UNREAL Mobile exploits Sprint/T-Mobile merger to offer unlimited data at $15 per month
Prepaid operators are concerned about wholesale data prices from the big players going up with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. FreedomPop wants to poke a hole in that fear.
Qualcomm makes case for Always Connected PCs as reviewers label them slow
The honeymoon is over for Snapdragon-powered laptops with Windows 10 and reviews have labeled the experience “slow” beyond casual use. But Qualcomm has a few videos to snap back.
Will Samsung want to take near 3 years to replicate Face ID on iPhone X?
KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo believes that it will take Google or whoever else two-and-a-half years to get up to Apple’s TrueDepth level.
FreedomPop goes long-term with new plans in battle with Mint SIM
A year’s worth of service for $50 should fit the “third of smartphone owners in the U.S.” that don’t use more than 1GB of data.
European Commission finally rules on Google Shopping shenanigans, imposing €2.4 billion fine
Google has been hit with a record €2.4 billion EU fine for anti-competitive practices researched and documented for nearly a decade.
Intel, Samsung back FTC in continuing Qualcomm antitrust suit
The two chipmakers have reinforced allegations that their market-leading rival has disengaged with the competition and left device-makers stranded.
Pocketnow Challenge July: Best fireworks photo? You decide!
Let’s push our electronics coverage to the limit, pitting editors against each other. Here’s the low down on Pocketnow Challenge July: Best fireworks photo!