Samsung’s “Ingenius” ads for Galaxy S9 picks on Apple arrogance
The ads prey upon the perception of the Apple fan: aloof to competition, making up excuses to support their team and exuding superiority. It’s tired.
Aubrey Plaza is lead star of LG G7 ThinQ ad campaign in US
But the celebrity allure isn’t the ace card for LG in promoting the G7 ThinQ as it has a package of single-focus ads all about features.
Huawei P20 teased with ads featuring ridiculous photographer
The P20 Pro supposedly has three cameras and 40-megapixel capabilities. We’re getting the slightest hints at what they can do through a couple of commercials.
New iPhone ads take on your phone… your bad, bad phone
Your phone? iPhone. Apple wants you to make the switch from Android or Windows or whatever you have over to iOS. And you can do so with ease.
Google goes all in on Pixel advertising with $3.2 million spending in just two days
Google may have already splashed $3.2 million on Pixel and Pixel XL TV ads, with a Samsung or Apple-rivaling total marketing budget in store.
Ricky Gervais explains why Verizon is better than Sprint and T-Mobile in new ads
Verizon hits back at T-Mobile and Sprint with its own humorous, celebrity-starring commercials, but Ricky Gervais isn’t the best brand ambassador.