vivo promoting bezelless APEX smartphone during World Cup
If you’re catching up on the action, you’ll get used to seeing a bezelless smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera appear over and over again during the commercials.
Google Assistant can basically do anything in TV ads starring John Legend, Sia and Kevin Durant
To prove how serious an Alexa and Siri competitor it’s already become, Google Assistant has booked several A-list celebrities to highlight its strengths.
Bizarre OnePlus 5T advertising efforts double down with traumatic ‘dog test’ (Video)
The OnePlus 5T is purportedly “the smarter choice, however you test it.” But is the Chinese company going a little too far in its attention-grabbing publicity stunts?
‘Stupid men’ pit OnePlus 5T against Galaxy Note 8 in bizarre new ‘cactus test’ ad (Video)
The latest OnePlus 5T publicity stunt is unusual, to say the least, as “brave idiots” show the speed difference between it and the Galaxy Note 8 in a bizarre “cactus test.”
Motorola wants you to ‘up-upgrade’ to a Moto Z2 Play, poking fun at Samsung’s iPhone X parody
Apple is yet to hit back at Samsung for that brilliant recent iPhone X satire, but Motorola thinks it has an even better product in the Moto Z2 Play.
Google takes a casual dig at Apple in jam-packed new Pixel 2 commercial (video)
Google’s latest two-minute Pixel 2 ad is mainly about showcasing the phone’s strengths, but a little light Apple mocking just adds to the fun.
Samsung pokes fun at ten years of iPhone releases in new 60-second ad (video)
Samsung’s latest Apple-mocking commercial might be its best yet, taunting the chaebol’s arch-rivals for a full decade of immature iPhone releases.
Loose clips of HITRECORD ad preview the LG V30
HITRECORD is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s own video production firm and has been working with LG for marketing its V-series devices for three years running.
The Rock teams up with Siri to ‘dominate the day’ in epic new commercial (Full video)
With Cortana, Google Assistant and Alexa rising fast, Siri stays in the limelight starring alongside The Rock in this “crazy fun commercial.”
The Rock and Siri co-star in “crazy fun commercial” to be released July 24
What form of commercial output will this piece of art take? A 30-second ad? A 90-minute masterpiece? Dwayne Johnson’s abs subsuming artificial intelligence?
Pakistan defeats India for Champions Trophy, but how about a OnePlus 5 ad?
We’re not exactly sure at what point during the game that the OnePlus 5 ad aired in the Indian market, but considering the rout of an outcome…
An OPPO R11 commercial boasts 20-megapixel cameras front and back
The OPPO R11 is said to have 20-megapixel cameras on both selfie and rear sides. That rear end has dual cameras, by the way.
Samsung Galaxy S8 gets TV ad in Korea, fingerprint placement explanation, and battery pictured
There’s obviously a reason why the Galaxy S8 will feature that odd rear-fitted fingerprint sensor, and the LG G6 is to blame for the phone’s first TV ad.
McDonald’s basically suggests its new shake-sipping accessory is as frivolous as Apple devices
Apple is no stranger to ads released by competitors aimed squarely at spoofing its iDevice launches, but the latest such video comes from McDonald’s.
Disgusting Valentine’s Day ad campaign bills OnePlus 3T as the world’s most lickable smartphone
There are many ways to express your love and passion for the “lickable” OnePlus 3T that don’t entail swallowing a bundle of germs in the process.
Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are in another T-Mobile Super Bowl ad
In addition to the two riffing off on marijuana puns, Kristen Schaal gets led into a love chamber full of confusing fees… like any other day.
T-Mobile completely misses the mark with new anti-AT&T commercial (video)
Having to pay administrative fees is nowhere near as bad as getting head lice, but T-Mobile sure likes its advertising hyperboles.
Apple’s latest tear-jerking holiday commercial asks you to ‘open your heart’ to monsters
In addition to opening your wallets to splash the cash on as much Apple gear as possible this holiday season, Cupertino also wants you to ‘open your heart.”
Drake returns Taylor Swift’s favor, clumsily working out to ‘Bad Blood’ in fresh Apple Music ad
Both Drake and Taylor Swift think Apple Music is “distractingly good”, suffering gym injuries while listening to each other’s catchy tunes.
Google cranks up buzz campaign for Pixel phones with primetime network TV ad
Google is getting serious about hyping up the looming Pixel and Pixel XL phones… for a change, and not just for geeks and Android purists.
First iPhone 7 TV ad is dark, creepy, all about cameras and water resistance
It’s not surprising to see Apple focus on the cameras, speakers and water-resistant designs of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in their first dark commercial.
Microsoft’s latest anti-Apple Surface Pro 4 commercial mostly falls flat (video)
Microsoft again compares the Surface Pro 4 to Apple’s MacBook Air in a commercial trying hard to be funny, but ultimately failing.
Microsoft goes after MacBook Air in latest Surface Pro 4 commercial (video)
Microsoft believes the Surface Pro 4 is not only better than the iPad Pro, but the MacBook Air as well, making some good points in a funny new commercial.
EE is the first UK carrier to offer Britney Spears-endorsed 6-month Apple Music freebie
Apple Music service is accessible for free to new and upgrading EE subscribers on British shores for six months instead of just three starting now.
Microsoft hits back at Apple’s PC iPad Pro claims by asking Cortana what a computer is
Can the iPad Pro be considered a full-blown computer? Not even close, according to Cortana, and the latest Surface Pro 4 ad from Microsoft.