US judge extends ZTE export compliance monitoring

ZTE will be under the watch of two monitors for at least the next four years and will be checked for compliance until at least 2028.

ZTE finally makes escrow payment to get out of US imports ban

Step by step, Chinese manufacturer ZTE is taking steps to comply with a new list of punishments to be able to buy American products again.

Commerce Department suggests FCC deny China Mobile access to US market

The world’s largest carrier happens to also be owned by the Chinese government. While there are other intervening factors going on, Trump has a trade pawn.

ZTE pays $1 billion fine to US, will finally fix a broken urinal

It still needs to forward $400 million to an escrow account so that it can come out of the imports ban it is still currently under.

Senate passes defense bill locking Huawei and ZTE out of US

President Trump will apparently brush against the will of Congress to lock Huawei and ZTE out of the US market, setting us up for a showdown.

Congress could still effectively ban ZTE from getting US parts

The Commerce Department might have given the Chinese tech manufacturer a way out of its imports ban, but the Senate is right behind it to keep it locked in.

ZTE imports ban won’t be lifted until it pays $1.4 billion in penalties

That’s $1 billion straight to the US Commerce Department and another $400 million lodged with an American escrow account.

Donald Trump lays out terms of ZTE reprieve: $1.3 billion, monitoring

The president is back on Twitter posting about ZTE again, but it follows up on his promise to save Chinese jobs and killing a harmful imports ban.

China reportedly tied trade concessions to ZTE appeal, US denies link

Beijing would be willing to let tariffs on US agricultural goods go if Washington would let some of ZTE’s punishment go as well.

President Trump tweets about helping ZTE “get back into business, fast”

Trump said that he’s working with Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping to prevent “too many jobs in China” from being lost. ZTE is under an imports ban from the Commerce Department.

ZTE employees reporting to work have nothing to do

The company says that it has sufficient money in the bank to pay workers, but that with a US imports ban, employees have nothing to do.

ZTE has “certain actions” to take after US ban

The Commerce Department recently banned the Chinese telecoms company from sourcing products from United States companies, including Qualcomm and Google.

Commerce Department to accept evidence from ZTE in “informal procedures”

With ZTE not allowed to source items from the United States, the Commerce Department is now allowing the company to present new evidence to, perhaps, get out of its ban.

ZTE issues full statement after Commerce Department denial order

The Chinese telecommunications company is prepared to fight the order banning it from source products from the United States.

US vs. ZTE: a fight for survival | #PNWeekly 301

The US government has blocked ZTE from sourcing anything from American companies while Apple’s CEO says Macs and iPads on their own are the best at what they do. All on our show this week!

US bans ZTE from sourcing parts in country after lying in probation report

It’s a huge blow to ZTE as it now figures out if it can procure Qualcomm chips, Corning screen glass and many other components for its smartphones.

ZTE settles with US government, fined $1.2 billion

The Chinese phonemaker was found by the Commerce Department to be doing business with companies in Iran and North Korea, a sanctions no-no.

ZTE plea deal with US could be “sign of progress”

ZTE could come out from under the boulder of sanctions it has been facing for a year. But it will depend on concise government action.

Is US business with ZTE in crisis with Trump’s Commerce Department?

The sanctions that have been hanging over the head of the Chinese manufacturer may drop on February 27. Could Trump be playing hardball?

US continues export reprieve for ZTE, could be permanent

ZTE got into trouble with Commerce Department for trading with Iranian businesses back in 2012. But it has been very cooperative in various investigations.

Commerce Department grants second extension of sanctions reprieve for ZTE in the US

The Commerce Department has issued its second extension of the reprieve offered to Chinese manufacturer ZTE as it cooperates in an investigation.

ZTE cooperating with Commerce Department as exports reprieve is extended

The Commerce Department is holding off on an exports ban that would shut off Chinese manufacturer ZTE’s access to US-made parts and software.