Galaxy S10 deals guide: what to get, where to buy it and when

If you’re in the market for a Galaxy S10 or any of its many variants, you should probably know where your money is going, how much and when. We got you.

Carriers finalize iPhone Xs pricing, credit and availability

And when will these networks also have the cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 4? We have a list and we’re keeping track of deals popping up.

Spectrum Mobile begins service with similar terms to Xfinity Mobile

Just like Comcast’s own Xfinity Mobile, the service is offer on top of Verizon’s LTE network and a mesh of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation.

Xfinity Mobile restricting hotspot and streaming video speeds

Comcast is pulling the purse strings tight on cellular data partly, we presume, to make up costs to Verizon for access to its network and also for profit.
Moto G6 Play

Moto G6 and E5 series spreading to sales points and carriers in US and Canada

We now have all the details on where you can get the latest and greatest Motorola mid-ranger Android phones in your locality.

Bring Your Own iPhone to Xfinity Mobile now, more phones soon

Comcast’s cellular service is now ready to accept your old iPhone from another carrier, as long as it is not from one certain carrier.

Who gets an iPhone X for Christmas? | #PNWeekly 284

The ghosts of iPhones past, present and future make the rounds in our show today. From Secret Santas to batteries big and small, this is gonna be fun.

Tax reform passes in US, AT&T and Comcast give holiday bonuses, increase capital expenditure

Two corporate titans that just happen to be in the telecom business are giving massive bonuses to their rank and file to celebrate corporate tax reduction.

Like most things, net neutrality repeal will be gradual on ISPs’ part

Content providers probably won’t be paying more (than they already are) to send product through the internet. Consumers will have to pay more to see it.

FCC will vote to kill Title II web protections, hurt net neutrality on December 14

The Open Internet Order equalized internet access after a raft of conflicts between content providers and internet providers. It may be killed.

Xfinity Mobile iPhone X deal gives back $500, but only with a X1 Triple Play package

If you’re going to Comcast for mobile service, you’re stuck going all in with you want an iPhone X and a $500 gift card. Is it a good deal?

Xfinity Mobile racks up 200,000 subscribers in first four months

Market analysts estimate that Comcast’s virtual carrier operation, while small, will be sufficiently profitable in its current composition.

Comcast launches Verizon-backed Xfinity Mobile service nationwide, unlimited plans are $45 per line

Supported by Verizon’s 4G LTE network, as well as a whopping 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots, Xfinity Mobile is now available for all Comcast customers.

Post-Time Warner Cable, Sprint looks to merge with Charter Communications

Sprint has turned a side hustle into a main one as it has reportedly proposed a merger with the wireline telecom corporation.

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Xfinity Mobile gets its first exclusive device, the LG X charge

Xfinity Mobile started taking in customers just over a week ago and will have its first exclusive phone (for the time being, anyway) from LG soon.

Sprint temporarily suspends T-Mobile merger talks to negotiate Comcast/Charter ‘partnership’

While an acquisition seems unlikely, the newly formed alliance betweem Comcast and Charter might be very interested in “partnering” with Sprint.

T-Mobile CFO says a Sprint deal makes the most sense

But with subscriber growth through the roof, T-Mobile has options it can exercise such as a link-up with Dish Networks or even Comcast.

WSJ: Charter and Comcast to keep in lockstep on wireless buyouts, tech

If one cable company wanted to acquire a wireless operator, say T-Mobile, it would have to get permission from the other.

In a paradox, Xfinity Mobile and YouTube TV launch | #PNWeekly 247

In this episode of our podcast, we also talk about Samsung’s good and bad with the Galaxy S8 and Tizen as well as Russo-Canadian cellphone spies…

Comcast previews Xfinity Mobile for its internet subscribers

The service is available only to Xfinity Internet subscribers and is intended to go after postpaid carriers with unlimited data and Wi-Fi hotspots.

600MHz auction ending in April, pot likely to hit $20 billion

From April, it will take 39 months for the TV industry to pack up and head out of the 600MHz airwaves in order for internet providers to move in.

iPhone build costs, say hello to Allo, and a Comcast MVNO? | Pocketnow Weekly 219

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Comcast starting Verizon MVNO service by middle of 2017

Comcast expects to offer a new combined Wi-Fi/wireless mobile service to its Xfinity subscribers powered in part by Verizon Wireless.

Appeals court will not take up AT&T, Comcast’s case against net neutrality

In a 2-1 decision, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals will not take up the telecom industry’s petition to cut down the FCC’s doctrine of net neutrality.