Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 13 Camera Leak Says A LOT about iPhone 12… (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about possible camera configuration in the iPhone 13, the color options for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series and more
Galaxy Note10+ 5G
Color options for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series may have been leaked
We have started to receive information about the color options that may arrive with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+
Pocketnow Daily: iPhone XII Touch ID Radical Update to be AWESOME?! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of seeing Touch ID back in future iPhones, Galaxy Note 10 colors and more.
The company’s all cold, but the HTC U12+ is flamin’ hot
How hot is it? Flame Red. That’s how hot. Seriously, it’s red, it’s gold, it’s amber, it’s crazy how this color looks. And it’s available in September.
Sunrise Gold color coming June 24 for Galaxy S9 in the US
In time for summer, a new golden finish for the latest in Samsung’s’ series of near-ubiquitous Android phones. Where you can get it and how much for one?
LG G6 also getting a new color, but it’s more Rose Gold than “Pink”
Based on behind-the-scenes reports, LG is in flagship paralysis for the time being. And that means new colors for old phones.
Xiaomi Mi A1 turns red, gets Android Oreo beta
It’s a Christmasy color and a sweet dose of black and white biscuit to make Xiaomi fans and stock Android fans ever more chipper.
Pink Galaxy Note 8 outed in Taiwan prior to September 1 pre-orders
The pink color has been popular for Taiwanese Galaxy Note 7 buyers, so why not bring it over for the Galaxy Note 8? Now, when will it move elsewhere?
What is it with blue? New blue color clued for Galaxy Note 8
Black Pearl. Blue Coral. Blue… everything. We’re being told to expect another blue in a Samsung phone. Yes, that one with the stylus.
Best Buy snags Coral Blue Galaxy S8, sales could begin today
The new color will be plastered onto AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and unlocked units of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. There’s also a hint of a big deal onwards.
A “mirror like” finish could end up in your choice of iPhone 8 colors
Will it be a Jet Black iPhone 8 for you? Perhaps you may see something more appealing like a Sony-esque chrome deposition or what HTC pulled off.
Solar Red HTC U11 available in the US from tomorrow
Between Firebird and fire truck, the Solar Red color has been teased for this phone that’s to be squeezed. A new U11 variant is available from tomorrow.
Galaxy S8 deal still on eBay if you want it unlocked and with two SIM slots
Samsung is selling unlocked, single-SIM units in the United States for $724.99 and $824.99, respectively. How much on eBay at this early stage? Surprise.
The only acceptable color is red: Sony Xperia XZ Premium has peeked out in a new color
Hint: it’s red. And it’s a pretty red, too. But why does red have to be so special? Why is it the color that leaves most people out in the cold?
HTC Ocean pictured front and back with characteristic “U” gloss
Evan Blass has put out some real pictures of the flipsides, but no side-sides of the HTC U. And those sides are the most important ones we want to see!
The LG TONE PRO is a set of entry-level neckband Bluetooth speakers
If the LG TONE STUDIO and the LG TONE FREE are priced a little too rich for your blood, hop over to your local carrier or big box for one of these.
(PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus hits T-Mobile on March 24
T-Mobile will have the new color iPhones as well as updated iPhone SE models coming Friday for about the same price as always.
Cricket reportedly bringing HTC Desire 650 to the US
Evan Blass has put up a picture of the entry-level device with Cricket branding on it. It’s not an impressive phone, to be honest.
Huawei P10 leaks its colors, FCC grants US market access
Let’s talk about artistry for a second and see how many shades of gold and gray Huawei can pull on the P10 and P10 Plus… supposedly, of course.
Rogers snags Really Blue Pixel exclusivity in Canada
The Google phone comes in three colors and that third color has been an elusive kind to come by. It will be less so in Canada soon enough.
“I got this limited edition Rose Gold OPPO F1s for you, honey.”
The company has launched a new color of its 2016 “Selfie Expert” just in time for that all-romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day.
The white Xiaomi Mi MIX drops by CES 2017
It’s big, it’s vast and it’s white. And there’s a tiny bezel within a bezel. But still, we love pushing those design edges. We don’t love its availability.
The Really Blue Pixel is back at the Google Store
It’s a “limited edition” color with limited edition flair, but it’s back and shows that Google’s struggling to keep up with inventory and demand.
Glossy black Galaxy S7 could soon fight against Jet Black iPhone 7
Samsung already introduced one new color with the Galaxy S7 edge, now it reportedly wants to introduce another for the regular S7.
Limited edition pink Galaxy S7 on sale in Korea
Pink. Not pink gold. Just pink. Pretty simple as it goes for the Galaxy S7, though this color option takes Korean consumers’ choices to six.