What does the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 need to be?

Our editors sound off on what Samsung should bring to the table with the Galaxy Note 8. Should it be rugged? Durable? Curved? Flat?

What should the next Moto Mod be?

Lenovo and Moto are doing modular phones right. With more to come promised, we asked ourselves, what should the next Moto Mod be?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: here’s our wish list

Samsung is building upon one of the best smartphones we’ve seen to date. How can it improve on an already great smartphone?

Our WWDC 2016 wish list

Apple’s biggest conference of the year is right around the corner and this is our WWDC 2016 wish list. What do you want to see there?

Our Moto Z Wishlist: Pocketnow editors weigh in

The next generation Moto phones will be critical releases for Lenovo. The editorial staff at Pocketnow has weighed in, and here’s our Moto Z wishlist!

These are the features that every good smartphone needs

Smartphones are made up of a whole bunch of pieces put together…

Outside of mobile, where do your tech interests lie?

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What apps are absolutely vital for an operating system to taken seriously?

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How important is smartphone audio output (and how important are the accessories you use with it)?

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What is the least important smartphone feature?

We love to talk about our favorite smartphone features, but what about the least important feature that we just don’t care about? Find out here.

Do you use mobile payments and if so, which?

Mobile payments are an emerging tech that are intriguing, fun, frustrating all at the same time. We round up our editors to see what they use and when.

How many Bluetooth devices do you have paired to your smartphone?

The Bluetooth PAN was supposed to eliminate all the wires that were holding us back. That was years ago. Have we realized Bluetooth’s potential yet?

How do you customize your phone?

How you customize your phone can say a lot. Our editors sound off about our phones, and we want to you know how you customize yours.

Here’s our wishlist for the new Moto 360

Motorola makes a great smartwatch, but it’s very much a first-gen product. What needs to happen to make the new Moto 360 a killer product? Let’s go see!

Here is our Surface Pro 4 wish list

With the release of the Surface 3, the Pocketnow team started to daydream about and even more powerful tablet. Here is our Surface Pro 4 wish list.

Great artists steal: What would you steal for your platform?

Everyone has a favorite platform, but there are some platform enhancements that they wouldn’t mind stealing from a competitor. Here are our thoughts.

What is the future of Windows Holographic?

In this collaborative piece, our editors speculate on the future of Windows Holographic, and how it can gain traction in the market.

What is the best smartphone for a first time user?

What is the best phone for a first time user? The Pocketnow team has their favorites, but what about yours?

What phone would be considered a classic smartphone?

Classic smartphones are a new concept, so our editors take a stab at naming the smartphones they feel should be dubbed as classic. Do you agree?

What is your favorite Android skin?

OEM skins are everywhere. Which one is your favorite Android skin? Our editors sound off and look for your input as well. Check it out here.
Nexus 9 versus iPad Air 2

Pocketnow: iPad Air 2 or Nexus 9?

With two great tablets released in the same week, the debate is on – iPad Air 2 or Nexus 9? Our preferences and reasoning are here for you.
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This is the best smartphone money can buy right now

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The best smartphone for fall 2014

Trying to narrow the best smartphone for fall 2014 may be a bit unrealistic. To get a better idea we asked the Pocketnow team. Here’s what they had to say.

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That first smartphone, much like a first love is always remembered fondly, despite flaws. Here are the temptresses that got Pocketnow’s editors started.