Google Spaces shuts down April 17

Never heard of Google Spaces? Just remember what it was, but never used it? Now’s not a good time to start doing so, then.

Our Moto Z Wishlist: Pocketnow editors weigh in

The next generation Moto phones will be critical releases for Lenovo. The editorial staff at Pocketnow has weighed in, and here’s our Moto Z wishlist!

Huawei and Leica partner to “reinvent” the smartphone camera

Huawei makes smartphones that have great cameras. Leica makes great rangefinders for street photographers. They’re imagining the possibilities.

Here’s our wishlist for the new Moto 360

Motorola makes a great smartwatch, but it’s very much a first-gen product. What needs to happen to make the new Moto 360 a killer product? Let’s go see!
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The best smartphone for fall 2014

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The best of MWC 2014, from afar

Now that Mobile World Congress has officially closed, it’s time to reflect on the show. This is the best of MWC 2014, through the eyes of Pocketnow editors.