Will the Fitbit smartwatch ever launch? Was the Pebble acquisition all for naught?

The app store has reportedly been getting doubtful glances from third-party developers and even Spotify. Will Fitbit make it up by the fall?

Seven months after Fitbit buyout, Coin shuts down

Assets of Coin, an NFC credit card chameleon, were acquired by Fitbit last year. With the parent company failing now, this move wasn’t entirely unexpected.

Fitbit disappoints in holiday quarter, letting go 110 employees

A sluggish holiday quarter and an overall sluggish year is the word from Fitbit. But the company did come away from 2016 with some new assets it can use.

Fitbit acquires Coin assets to compete with Jawbone, Apple Watch in mobile payments

Coin isn’t being bought out by the fitness tracker maker, but some important assets are. The move may get Fitbit into the mobile payments game.