UK to see Sony Xperia 1 from “end of May” for £849
If that sounds a bit steep to you… well, it is. But it’s still early days to see how the flagship-level Sony Xperia 1 will price out in the US.
Clove kicks off British Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design pre-orders ahead of April 23 launch
Priced at an exorbitant £1692, VAT included, the beautiful, no-notch Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design is slated for an April 23 delivery start from Clove UK.
UK should see Nokia 8 from Clove on September 13
The Nokia 8 is making its way around the continent of Europe, but has yet to hit the big island. Well, we may have our first idea of when it will arrive.
SIM-free sellers have real Nokia 5 release date in UK
At least, as real as it’ll get barring future uncertainty. But if Nokia is going to launch the phones it debuted in February, it might as well do so now.
BlackBerry KEYone now in the UK for £499
Amazon seems to be the go-to place for customers to grab this TCL oddity, as shipment times have collapsed down to one or even two months.
Clove takes first crack at Nokia 6, 5, 3, 3310 with pricing and availability
The UK-based mobile tech outlet expects most of these phones to land sometime in June. The famed 3310 rebirth is coming in more expensive than expected.
Clove gives guidance on BlackBerry KEYone availability in UK
Retailers have been listing May 5 for their first ship date, but Clove Technology claims that the KEYone is in short supply through the back of the month.
Clove pushes back BlackBerry KEYone shipments
As of now, instead of joining other unlocked sellers in pushing out the device on May 5, Clove will have to wait until May 22 at the earliest.
Clove carries Galaxy Xcover 4 for UK at £249
It’s a durable little phone for cheap and it’s coming on at a price that’s a little more tenuous in the UK than it is in Germany.
BlackBerry KEYone expected out as early as May 5 in the UK, pre-orders still open at £499
Slightly pushed back from its initial mid-April ETA, the QWERTY/touchscreen BlackBerry KEYone hybrid should start shipping in early May on British shores.
UK sees Sony Xperia XZ Premium pre-orders indicating June movement
Hopes that the phone may come in May have been dispelled, leaving more of a gap for whatever competitors in between the Galaxy S8 and June to disrupt.
Will the Sony Xperia XZ Premium ship starting May 7?
The phone follows on from the Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra plus the Xperia XZs, but not by much. But if it even sells at that point, will it ship?
Clove Technology notes Moto G5 stock date
The UK retailer is getting ahead of itself by listing a couple of Motorola devices for carriage ahead of their official announcement.
LG V20 avoids UK, but Clove will still sell it SIM-free
Perhaps Brexit bit LG too hard? Maybe a deal with carriers was untenable? Whatever the case, you’ll have to get your V20 from Clove, SIM-free.
Clove offering SIM-free Moto Z next month for £495
The UK-based unlocked phones seller is planning on shipping SIM-free Moto Z units to customers starting next month at a fairly reasonable price.
Clove: UK Galaxy Note 7 sales expected in early September
Clove expects to sell the Galaxy Note 7 next month at a fairly steep price. Plenty of unknowns remain in this breathing space.
Two sites have BlackBerry DTEK50 pre-orders for the world
Two UK-based sites, Unlocked Mobiles and Clove, have opened up pre-orders for the BlackBerry DTEK50 Android smartphone at the same price.
galaxy note 5
Samsung issues statement on Note 5’s European no-show, as retailer starts petition
Will we ever get European Galaxy Note 5 sales? Samsung doesn’t seem to offer much hope.