BlackBerry going Android

BlackBerry’s in-house smartphone swan song is still ‘coming’, QWERTY keyboard and all

Contrary to popular belief, BlackBerry isn’t altogether done with internally building smartphones yet, prepping one final keyboard design.

BlackBerry stresses ‘keyboard is here to stay’, but in what form?

Don’t worry, physical QWERTY keyboard devotees, as your precious is alive and well as far as BlackBerry is concerned, even after the Classic’s death.

BlackBerry Classic only BB10 device out of production, company says

BlackBerry is clarifying a relayed email from the Senate that purports the end of BB10 device production. It’s a surprise choice for the one device.

Obama dropped BlackBerry and now the Senate has, too

Staffers have been clinging onto their BlackBerrys for a while, but with the Ontario-based company turning a different leaf, it may not be for much longer.
BlackBerry Passport from an Android Perspective

BlackBerry World app store offers big holiday discounts for BB 10 users

In case you haven’t given up on BlackBerry 10 just yet, you can get dozens of marked-down apps from BlackBerry World through Christmas.

It’s back to basics for Gigabyte, with four new low-cost smartphones on deck

Contrary to what was announced not long ago, Gigabyte isn’t ready to throw in the smartphone towel, with a quartet of budget Androids headed for Europe.

T-Mobile starts warming back up to BlackBerry, welcomes Classic into its stores

After turning its back on BlackBerry in the past, the arrival of T-Mobile BlackBerry Classic sales offer the companies a fresh start.

BlackBerry Classic gets ready to land at Verizon

Details on the BlackBerry Classic Verizon arrival are starting to pour in, with sales set to begin this Thursday.

BlackBerry Passport gets a new design for AT&T

There’s a newly-refreshed BlackBerry Passport design coming soon to AT&T in the States.

US carrier gets early start to BlackBerry Classic sales

AT&T and Verizon may still be waiting, but BlackBerry Classic sales have come to at least one carrier in the States.

BlackBerry Classic launches with a very familiar look

Check out the new BlackBerry Classic, the latest BB10 model that isn’t afraid to take some serious inspiration from older handsets.