Apple internally knew about iPhone 6 bendgate, touch disease

Despite the public front that Apple put up about the structural integrity of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, court documents say the company knew all about the truth.

Class action building against Samsung, SK Hynix over RAM price hikes

Prices for RAM chips fell by 60 percent between 2014 and 2016. And then the prices started to go back up. And everyone’s smartphones and laptops were just a bit more expensive.

At least 59 iPhone throttling lawsuits could turn into one giant class action lasting many years

Legal experts don’t expect courts to find Apple guilty in a class action lawsuit relating to the iPhone throttling scandal, but Cupertino obviously doesn’t need the prolonged bad publicity.

BB10 still haunts BlackBerry as class action suit is allowed to proceed

New data from another lawsuit has been allowed to be part of the basis of this new lawsuit claiming that BlackBerry misrepresented sales prospects of BlackBerry 10 OS phones.

Android P rhymes with HP Elite x3 | #PNWeekly 295

The FBI recruited Best Buy employees as an arm of the law, but did it breach citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights? That plus Android P and HTC phone feedback on our show!

Nexus 6P bootloop class action suit reboots this spring

The case stands against Huawei and Google: the companies weren’t responsive to warranty claims on hardware issues affecting the premium Nexus smartphone of 2015.

Death, lawsuits and the OnePlus X2 | #PNWeekly 291

On this week’s show, T-Mobile and Google facing big lawsuits. a couple of dying phone makers and the true threat to civilization (hint: it’s a fake phone).

In-Depth: Pixel audio faults now subject of class action lawsuits

Issues with the soldering to the audio codec screwed up the user experience of the original Pixel and Pixel XL. Now, the suits are coming for Google.

Class action complaints filed against Google claim Project Fi trickery, OG Pixel defects

Google is in a bit of a legal pickle due to alleged violations of competition and advertising laws with Project Fi, as well as well-documented microphone flaws on first-gen Pixel phones.

No class action settlement for LG bootloop litigation after all, extended warranty available instead

It appears not all US-based owners of LG G4, G5, V10, V20 and Nexus 5X phones plagued by the bootloop defect will be compensated for their sorrow after all.

LG settles bootloop class action with up to $700 in remedies per plaintiff

Those who owned the G4, G5, V10, V20 and Nexus 5X and experienced bootloops during usage are apparently getting vindication.

Apple now facing at least 26 lawsuits for undisclosed iPhone throttling

Untimely disclosure of its throttling practice has garnered Apple some vitriol and litigation from unhappy customers hearing about this for the first time.

Class action lawsuit filed for iPhone 7 slowdown, Apple’s battery strategy

Apple is slowing down the performance of older iPhones as far back as the iPhone 6 for the sake of “prolonging” usability, but these people don’t see it that way.

Preliminary class action settlement includes partial refund for water-damaged Sony devices

If your old Sony phone or tablet, “deceptively” advertised as waterproof, broke down due to water damage, a 50 percent refund could soon be headed your way.

Apple can’t convince judge to dismiss class action lawsuit alleging intentional FaceTime crippling

That FaceTime-related class action lawsuit is getting serious, as Apple fails to win over judge in attempt to relinquish all accusations of wrongdoing.

Google class action building on Nexus 6P bootloop, battery issues

“Do no evil” except by attrition? Many consumers facing problems with their Huawei-made Nexus 6P are left feeling uncared for.

Law firm behind LG bootloop lawsuit expanding class eligibility to G5, V20, Nexus 5X

The class, which consisted of G4 and V10 owners, is about to grow as Girard Gibbs, LLP, is looking for affected G5, V20 and Nexus 5X users.

LG G4 and V10 owners plagued by bootloop flaws file class action lawsuit against OEM

LG can’t escape the consequences of its bootloop blunders forever, facing a class action lawsuit started by several disgruntled G4 and V10 users.

Over 300 employees sue BlackBerry for bait-and-switch to cut severance benies

The Canadian company is accused of depriving entitlements to its employees after transferring them over to Ford Motor Company and forcing them to resign.

Class action lawsuit points the finger at Apple for intentionally crippling FaceTime on iOS 6

Yet another class action lawsuit alleges intentional Apple damage of FaceTime functionality on iOS 6 a few years back to force iOS 7 updates.

Samsung buying Harman? Not so fast, says a group of the latter’s shareholders

Premium sound system manufacturer Harman isn’t Samsung property yet, and it may never be, if a number of litigious stockholders get their own way.

Samsung lawyers up for Korean class action over Note 7

Over 2,400 plaintiffs are demanding for compensation from Samsung beyond what it has already offered for physical pain caused by the exploding phone.

This Galaxy Note 7 class action isn’t what you think it’s about

As far as we know, no one was physically injured in the making of this lawsuit. But at least 100 people were economically injured by Samsung…

The Touch Disease class action against Apple everyone’s been waiting for

After refusing to serve customers without charge for a major hardware defect in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple may get its just desserts.

Apple slapped with lawsuit over refurbished iPhone and iPad warranty replacements

Apple is in legal trouble again, as a new class action lawsuit has been filed, this time questioning the “like-new” aspect of iDevice warranty substitutes.