Google discontinues Chromecast Audio

After a prolonged discount period, the only places you’ll probably find a Chromecast Audio are your big box spots and peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Google Home, Pixel 2 XL and more are on sale

It’s a summer sale going on through July 17 Pacific Time and it involves smart speakers, over-the-top TV dongles and a whole lot more Google.

Google Chromecasts cast off of Amazon once more

Google YouTube and Amazon original content were prime chips in this war between two giants in merchandise and online services.

Patch to Google Cast bug will speed up Google WiFi, Chromecast devices

Users of those devices were disappointed to see slow speeds and no one exactly knew why, but Google’s put the spanner to the works.

No Pixel 2 discounts from smart home and VR-focused Google this Black Friday

In the absence of Pixel 2 or 2 XL Black Friday deals, Google Store shoppers will have to make do with Google Home, Home Mini and Daydream View discounts.

Microsoft patents a way to fit a 3.5mm headphone jack into less than 3.5mm of space

Maybe. It depends on how this design works out. The patent has been awarded and the pins are aligning. All we need to do is see it in action.

Discounted Google Home includes Chromecast on eBay as Google tries to fend off Amazon Prime Day

Not only is the popular Google Home smart speaker available at $30 off list on eBay, also hooking you up with a free Chromecast.

Chromecast and Google Home bundle deal, Chromecast Ultra discount is on

Pair any Chromecast buy with a Google Home and you’ll get $15 off. Furthermore, you can get an extra $10 off the bill with a Chromecast Ultra purchase.

Google Home app will be the new name of the Google Cast app

The app will remain the same, but after Google made the case about being personal and everywhere in your life, this image change was expected.

Chromecast Preview Program is not a beta test

If you want the latest feature on your Chromecast first, you can opt in to test them. No, you’re not getting half-baked stuff that needs incubation.

Google Store Back to School sale hitting Chromebooks, Huawei Watch, Nexus 6P

Chromebooks are on the table. So is the Huawei Watch. And the Huawei Watch. And… the Huawei Watch. Also, a last ditch Nexus deal.

Tidal supports Chromecast now

It’s Hi-Fi streaming for your Hi-Fi equipment, here at last. Tidal is off to make some lovely noise on your Google Cast speakers.

Chromecast and Chromecast Audio can now hook you up with 2 free months of Pandora One

There’s yet another deal available for new and existing Chromecast and Chromecast Audio owners, netting you free Pandora One service for 60 days.

If you’re “Feeling Lucky” at home, you can play the Google Store Claw on Twitter

Stop by the Google Fiber Space at SXSW this weekend and have a crack at a free Pixel C, a Nexus or Android Wear. Not there? Play via Twitter!

In the market for a Chromecast Audio? Get two from Google or Best Buy, and save $15

If you were thinking of buying a Chromecast Audio, the smart thing to do right now is get two units at a total price of $55, down from $70.

Google and Best Buy throw in free $10 gift cards with Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

The 2015 Chromecast and Chromecast Audio aren’t quite as tempting as a couple of months back, but they’re still bundled with free $10 gift cards.

Android Pay “Tap 10” promo rolls out with free Chromecasts and media up for grabs

That “stuff” includes free music, free movies or even a free Chromecast. All you need to do is get on Android Pay and tap 10 purchases by March.

Chromecast Audio update lets you fill your house with music

Music lovers, take note: a new Chromecast Audio update offers higher quality playback and multi-room sync support.
Chromecast 2015

Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio Review: the future is now

Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio Review are now available. What’s new, and should you buy one, or both?

Google casts blame on Apple for lack of Chromecast Audio Apple Music support

Google doesn’t want to take any responsibility whatsoever for the lack of Apple Music service on the new Chromecast Audio, pointing the finger at Cupertino.

Google’s new Chromecast Audio brings brains to your old speakers

Learn more about Google’s new Chromecast Audio, a new gadget that brings smart connected features to your old existing speakers at home