“Made for Google” accessory licensing said to debut with new hardware
We may see new third-party accessories — especially USB-C accessories — follow a new guideline that will be set by Google shortly.
Google Assistant expected on Chromebooks soon
It would be natural for Google Assistant to appear on a Google product. But with Chrome OS already trying to digest Android, how long will it take?
This is Google Pixelbook, the company’s first convertible laptop, and there’s even a pen to go with it
We’re just a couple of weeks away from the official introductions of the Pixel 2 phones, Google Home Mini and this convertible Google Pixelbook beaut.
‘Miniature’ Google Home and third-gen Chromebook Pixel expected to see daylight this fall
Google doesn’t just have Pixel smartphone sequels planned for announcements this fall, with a smaller Google Home and Chromebook Pixel 3 also incoming.
All signs (and comments) point to no more Google Pixel laptops
Still expecting a third-generation Google Pixel laptop announcement later this year? It’s probably not happening, at least not under that name.
No more 32GB Pixel C Google Store availability, and the 64 gig’s days are also numbered
Still in the market for a powerful but decidedly experimental Pixel C tablet with 32GB storage? You’ll need to start looking outside the Google Store now.
Chromebook Pixel 2 off Google Store, hints of a Pixel 3 to come
2015’s Chromebook Pixel is gone from the Google Store. It’s another domino in the trail of two stories that could lead to a third Pixel.