This is Google Pixelbook, the company’s first convertible laptop, and there’s even a pen to go with it

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the official introductions of the Pixel 2 phones, Google Home Mini and this convertible Google Pixelbook beaut.

All signs (and comments) point to no more Google Pixel laptops

Still expecting a third-generation Google Pixel laptop announcement later this year? It’s probably not happening, at least not under that name.

Chromebook Pixel 2 off Google Store, hints of a Pixel 3 to come

2015’s Chromebook Pixel is gone from the Google Store. It’s another domino in the trail of two stories that could lead to a third Pixel.

Chromebook Pixel 2, Acer R11 both getting Google Play Store access

Both Chromebooks have been updated on the developer channel of Chrome OS and now have access to the Google Play Store for Android apps.