Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go featured available now
The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is now available for $299.99
The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go comes with a large 14-inch display, long battery life, compact and military-grade design. It’s available from today.
phone hub chrome OS
Chrome OS gets Phone Hub for deeper syncing between your phone and Chromebook
Google has added a new Phone Hub dashboard to Chrome OS that allows deeper integration between your Chromebook and Android Phone.
Chrome OS is getting a screen recorder, Google Workspace for Education makes its debut
The native screen recorder in Chrome OS arrives next month, while G Suite for Education has been rebranded to Google Workspace for Education.
google chromebook improvement pocketnow
You may soon be able to mirror your Pixel’s screen on a Chrome OS device
Phone Hub will presumably stream video from somewhere and show it in the window when you click on a notification that’s been mirrored from your Android phone.
Chrome OS
Your Chromebook and phone could be synced better soon
The feature is expected to rollout soon,
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Chrome OS 88 introduces PIN and biometric sign-in support on websites
The latest build of Chrome OS also allows you to turn your Chromebook’s screen into a makeshift smart display with ease.
Wacom Now Works with Chromebooks
Today, Wacom announces that the “One by Wacom” graphics drawing tablet is now certified with the “Works with Chromebook” program from Google.
Chrome OS 87 adds a tab search tool and battery status for Bluetooth accessories
You can check the battery level of Bluetooth accessories by visiting Quick Settings under the Bluetooth icon in Chrome OS 87.
dark mode on Chrome OS
Chrome OS could get a dark mode soon
Google introduced a flag in Chrome 78, which forced web content to use a dark theme on all platforms including Windows, Android, and macOS, but enabling it on Chrome OS caused webpages to crash.
Windows apps on Chromebooks
Enterprise users can run Windows apps on Chromebooks now, courtesy of Parallels Desktop
This is still an initial release, and a deeper Chrome OS and Windows app integration will come over time.
Google is promising nine years of Chrome OS updates for a few Chromebooks
This is definitely a great move and a good omen too, but it is far from a permanent solution to the biggest limitation of Chromebooks.
Google is again trying to convince you that Chromebooks can truly, really play games
Google is adding a new Premium gaming section to the Play Store and it is populated by games that play well on Chromebooks.
Chrome OS update improves video capture, brings Wi-Fi Sync tool and smarter search
The Wi-Fi Sync feature will save users the hassle of saving Wi-Fi passwords, especially in groups where multiple Chromebooks are shared.
Google debuts a Chrome extension that lets you directly link to a specific text on sites
Google’s new Link to Text Fragment extension works flawlessly on Chrome as well as Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser.
Windows apps coming to Chrome OS, thanks to Google’s new partnership with Parallels
Google says the collaboration with Parallels will allow the company to bring legacy applications such as Microsoft Office desktop apps to Chromebooks.
Google Play Store adds a ‘Premium’ section for games that play well on a Chromebook
The ‘Premium’ section currently offers only nine ‘games that play well on Chromebooks’, but the list is likely going to expand in the near future.
Chrome OS now selectively installs web apps over Android apps
Chromebooks are good for web-based work and the availability of Android apps…
Google Chromebook vs. Gallium Chromebook
Why would you want to run Gallium Linux on a Chromebook, when Chrome OS has Crostini Linux support built in? Read on for the answer.
Chrome OS gets support for swipe-based navigation gestures in tablet mode
The new swipe-based navigation gestures for Chromebooks in tablet mode are quite similar to the ones Google introduced with Android 10.
A $99 Chromebook is so much better with Gallium Linux installed
Chrome OS is okay if all you need is a web browser, but upgrading a Chromebook to Gallium Linux turns your Chromebook into a much more powerful, serious computer.
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook official at CES 2020
Today at CES 2020, Samsung announced its first ever Galaxy Chromebook. It’s a 2-in-1 product Samsung claims to be the thinnest Chromebook it ever produced.
Pinebook Pro Review: A $200 laptop that’s only for cool people.
A Chromebook alternative where you don’t have to install Linux yourself? And it can also run Chromium OS or Android off an SD card? Sign me up!
RIP Pixel Slate: Google exits the tablet business, focuses on laptops
Head of the Google hardware division confirmed that the company exists the tablet business as the hardware division will focus solely on laptops.
Expect more squircles on the Google Play Store
It’s an odd aesthetic choice that Google has chosen to adopt for its apps store for Android and Chrome OS, but it’ll stick to it from June 24.
Don’t wait for a better Pixel Slate – Google pulls throttle on laptops and tablets
The company actually supposedly had a whole bunch of tablet and laptop projects down the pipeline when the staffing cuts took place.