Justice Department preparing Google antitrust investigation

The U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to launch an antitrust investigation against Google, according to several recent reports.
European Commission Google

Update: Google complies with EU Commission, will inform users of browser choices

Google will inform users about the choices for browsers they have on an Android phone, complying with a EU Commission decision from last year.

Microsoft could get rid of Edge on Windows 10 to use a Chrome-based browser

It seems that the end is near for Microsoft’s web browser as the company is apparently working on a substitute for Microsoft Edge

Google makes Play Store optional in Europe, will charge license fee

The company is still distributing Android OS, Google Search and Chrome to device makers for free. Apps like the Play Store and YouTube will start to cost.

Google Pixelbook or Pixel Slate codenamed Nocturne benchmarked

The rumored upcoming Google Pixelbook, or Google Pixel Slate, with the codename Nocturne, has popped up in benchmarks revealing some specs.
European Commission Google

Google faces record fine (again) for gaming Android’s dominance in Europe [UPDATE]

Google has been fined more than €4 billion for tying up Android with its search and web services. We’ve updated this story with a statement from Google.

First Chrome OS tablet photographed at trade show with Acer logo and unknown specs

Acer is apparently preparing to release the world’s first Chrome OS tablet, and… that’s all we know for sure.

Google prototyping Article model viewer for AR and VR web experiences

As augmented and virtual reality take hold in more user experiences on the web, one of the ways Google wants to help is by introducing a model viewer.

Who gets an iPhone X for Christmas? | #PNWeekly 284

The ghosts of iPhones past, present and future make the rounds in our show today. From Secret Santas to batteries big and small, this is gonna be fun.

Microsoft is having none of cheeky Google Chrome Windows app

The Google Chrome app on the Windows Store was nothing but a sham in Microsoft’s eyes. What’s up with the fake browser from the real company?

Chrome Apps to die everywhere but Chrome OS

Already, the process has begun as non-Chrome OS instances of the Chrome Web Store are now losing the App section. Chrome OS itself? It has Android apps.

Android O picture-in-picture mode now works with video on Chrome

In our cursory test, Vimeo worked in this mode where you can pop out of Chrome to another app. Going live, though, Twitch didn’t work through Chrome.

Google could launch native Chrome browser adblocker ‘within weeks’, sources say

There may be no more need for third-party adblocking tool installation for Google Chrome soon enough, rumor has it.

More Android O features in active chatter

A list of bullet points and plenty of speculation as to where the next version of Android will go. But will all of these features land in May?

Chrome for iOS adopts Safari’s Reading List

Google’s web browser is up to version 57 on most platforms and is in the testing stages for iOS users. One feature comes off of Safari back from iOS 5.

Chrome for iOS gets code scanner

Chrome for iOS can now actually scan both QR codes and barcodes, actually. Why now? We don’t know, it probably should’ve happened sooner.

Google makes Chrome web page reloads significantly faster, especially on mobile

Never one to rest on its laurels, Google continues to improve the performance of the widely beloved Chrome web browser, mainly for mobile devices.
Samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus Hands-on: It’s not an S-Pen (Video)

Designed for Google Play, both the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus sport a “pen”. Yes, it’s just a pen, not an S-Pen.

Third wacky Lenovo Yoga Book variant is in the works, complete with Chrome OS and Real Pen

Can’t decide between the Android 6.0-running and Windows 10 Lenovo Yoga Book models? Give it some time, and a Chrome OS convertible will also come.

Chrome Canary on Android exhibits far-off features

There is a beta version of Chrome on Android. Then there is the developer version. But this new one for the mobile OS is stuck in a coalmine.

Images of Chromecast Ultra show up, Chrome logo doesn’t

There isn’t much to look at if you’ve looked at previous Chromecasts. But there’s a different logo on the device and in the software than before.

Convertible Google Pixel 3 laptop tipped for Q3 2017 launch with Andromeda OS

A non-Chromebook-branded Google Pixel 3 laptop, codenamed Bison, is reportedly on the horizon, running the Android-and-Chrome OS-merging Andromeda.

Take up Android N’s Split Screen mode with two Chrome windows

Have something you want to read from Pocketnow there, but want a CNET article over here? Android N may be able to help soon.

Google Spaces is an app for groupies to share stuff

If you and your friends need a space to share stuff, you can now get Google Spaces. You’ll have YouTube, Chrome and Google all in an app.

Apple’s earnings, Nokia smartwatches, Android apps on Chromebooks | Pocketnow Weekly 198

Apple’s earnings fall for the first time since 2003. Also, Google helps developers but Android apps on Chromebooks, but will Android and Chrome ever merge?