TeenSafe, a texting monitor app for parents, has leaky servers

They are not password-protected and store clients’ children’s Apple ID passwords in plain text. Those are two big rules crossed.

Piper Jaffray’s teen survey continues to favor iPhone heavily

Four out of five teenagers happen to like their iPhones, thank you very much, and even one out of five teens want an Apple Watch to go with.

Child privacy advocates complain against YouTube Kids to the FTC

This isn’t the first time that YouTube Kids has been under pressure for its collection of data from its under-13 clientele.

Fitbit Ace fitness tracker encourages your kids to be more active while having fun

At $99.95, the Fitbit Ace wearable unsurprisingly lacks built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring and other high-end features. But your kids probably don’t need any of that stuff anyway.

Amazon FreeTime promises to entertain and educate kids on all Android phones and tablets

Finally, the fun, educational Amazon FreeTime kid-friendly service hits Google’s Play Store to help out more Android-using parents.