Google Pixel 4a, prakhar khanna
We may be getting closer to the Google Pixel 4a launch
The Google Pixel 4a is getting more certifications as it may be getting closer to launch
phone won't charge
What to do if your phone won’t charge
There are situations when your phone won’t charge. In this post we’re sharing some tips you can try to troubleshoot the issue.
You’ll know if you bought a fake iPhone 9 charger
Because it will take forever and a day to charge. Actually, even if it’s a legit charger that properly fast charges according to USB rules, it may not work.
Analyst believes LCD iPhone production fast-tracked by a month
A Rosenblatt analyst also has words about some charging components coming from different places and being more powerful than ever before.
No wireless charging on the HTC U12+? Too thick, too slick, not quick
HTC has argued that the wireless charging experience is far from convenient enough to include on the U12+. Wires should get things done quicker.
Temperature disparately affects Pixel 2 XL rapid charging rate
More importantly, when the phone tells you that it’s “charging rapidly” in cold temperatures, it just isn’t. And that just won’t do.
Galaxy Note 8 battery won’t charge, warranty replacements are refurbs
Best to keep a power bank around your Note 8 if it’s still alive. Some owners let their device run to zero and have found that a charge couldn’t turn it back on.
There’s faster wireless charging, but no significant gains on iPhone X
A 7.5W wireless charge session will generate 20 perccent more power than a 5W charge. A 12W wire will get just under double a 5W charge can to an iPhone X.
Pixel 2 XL does not charge at full 18W allowed by adapter
The median top rate for this phablet, as measured by one researcher, is 10.5 watts. And it’s even worse if you leave the screen on.
Google Pixel 2 optimal charge rate is 18W, not 27W
If you have a Power Delivery-compliant 27W charging block, you can use it with your Pixel 2 XL, even. Just don’t expect those speeds.
Panos Panay on why Microsoft and USB-C don’t match right now
“If you love Type-C, it means you love dongles […] We’re giving a dongle to people who love dongles,” said the Surface hardware VP.
Samsung finally looks to tie up loose ends with charge-disabling Galaxy Note 7 update in Korea
For some reason, it took Samsung almost six whole months to realize preventing the Galaxy Note 7 in Korea from charging altogether is for the best.
Sony Xperia XZ Premium’s Smart Stamina mode actively tracks battery health
Smart Stamina mode reminds us of a good feature that HTC included in its Sense Companion AI engine: it delivers power info and lets you act quickly on it.
Verizon Galaxy Note 7 users who bypass stop-charge update will soon face no kid gloves
The owners of the recalled phone number in the thousands. And after such a drawn out take-in process, the network has decided to play tough with them.
US Galaxy Note 7 won’t charge starting December 15
One Galaxy Note 7 on US Cellular received a message telling about an update from Samsung that will prevent the device from charging at all.
Nexus Quick Charge Explained
Android may require USB Power Delivery support in the future
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Dash Charge, Super VOOC and all those other standards might have to be abandoned. Or Android Nougat, who knows?
iPhone 7 charging rate the same sort of slow as always
With your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus comes a 5W charger. Because these phones have the largest batteries we’ve seen on an iPhone, they take a while to fill.
Sprint’s Pokémon GO campaign looks to shame T-Mobile’s gimmicks
T-Mobile is offering free unlimited data for a year? Sprint stores have free lures, charging stations and experts to help you out. Who’s gonna catch you?
Sony’s “Soft Charging” feature is a great idea
It’s a feature that’s been introduced into a beta version of the latest Marshmallow AOSP. And it’ll help the battery not destroy itself quickly.
Kaspersky scares us into not charging our smartphones ever again
There’s always a risk of burning yourself while you’re charging your phone. Also, having all of your information stolen and data compromised.
The ultimate portable charging solution (video)
Our devices are always hungry for power, but there is never an outlet around when you need it. What we need is the ultimate portable charging solution!
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 031
From modding a Galaxy S III to jailbreaking an iPhone 5, from interviews with Sailfish-maker Jolla to speculation about the HTC M7, we talk about it on today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast. Give us a listen!
Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Charging
Learn everything you need to know about wireless charging — and the battle that’s brewing.