More Trump tariffs could mean pricier Apple Watches and Fitbits

A first wave of tariffs has already washed over the United States, but the next one could start to drive costs up for consumer technology.

Amazon Fitbit sale is wide-ranging

The Charge HR, Charge 2, Blaze, Surge, Flex 2, Flex Wireless and Alta are all on sale to some degree. What better reason to think about getting fit.

Study finds Apple Watch about 90 percent accurate at monitoring one’s heart rate

No wrist-worn wearable device can be flawless at monitoring your health, but the Apple Watch’s heart rate tech is overall pretty decent.

Rehashed $100 Fitbit Flex 2 and $150 Charge 2 activity trackers go up for pre-order

You can’t exactly say the Fitbit Flex 2 and Charge 2 radically alter their predecessors’ designs and features, but they’re better and just as affordable.

Leaked renders preview Fitbit Charge 2 with large screen, swim-proof Flex 2

The looming Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 don’t look like Apple Watch killers, but they might improve on their predecessors’ robust quality-price ratios.

Study alleges Fitbit’s heart rate tech is wildly inaccurate, ambiguous and ‘all over the place’ [UPDATE]

Fitbit faces a tough legal battle regarding the precision (or lack thereof) of heart rate monitors baked into some of its most popular activity trackers.

Fitbit dismisses allegations of wildly inaccurate heartrate sensor data

Just how accurate is Fitbit heartrate monitor tech? A new class-action lawsuit suggests the data could be dangerously wrong.

Fitbit makes its activity trackers even better with weekly goals, SmartTrack, and PurePulse

In case you found it hard to follow your long-term goals or separate between various activities on Fitbits, a trio of new features should make things easier