Kickstarter takes in Outdoor Tech Rhinos, rugged wireless headphones [UPDATE]

The Rhinos are a pair of wireless headphones billed to withstand plenty of abuse from the elements including several forces of nature.

TCL forgoes Palm revival for BlackBerry’s

Oh, how has Palm been forsaken? After TCL bought out the company in 2015, it looked to a crowdsourcing project to see what it could do.
Honor 6X

Huawei Honor 6X Review: CES 2017 Travel Phone Success

2017 is off to an exciting start for inexpensive smartphones. Huawei’s latest was used heavily during our CES coverage. Here’s our Huawei Honor 6X Review!

Andy Rubin’s Essential is targeting a phone for Sprint (and others)

Sources close to the newly-formed company say that a bezel-less phone is the centerpiece of a new product series push that will weave in smart homes.

Showing off the HTC U Ultra, RIP Froyo, and some early MWC 2017 teasers | #PNWeekly 235

Plus, Huawei puts out the fuel for MWC as it’s rumored to dig deep into the past for a new release. That and a prepaid carrier discussion on our podcast!

The new BlackBerry, ASUS ZenFone AR, ShadeCraft and more – CES 2017 Wrap-up (Video)

Check out our ultimate CES 2017 wrap-up video, featuring the best and worst of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Apple and Carl Zeiss might be gunning for joint release of AR smartglasses this year

German manufacturer of optical systems Carl Zeiss AG is expected to help Apple join the slowly blossoming augmented reality hardware market later this year.

CES 2017 wrap up on the road from Las Vegas | #PNWeekly 234

The CES show floor is closed for business. While we love Vegas,…

CES 2017 Recap: All you need to know

Las Vegas has been swell, but we have got to move on. But not before we take a look at Kodak’s super (8) camera and a Xiaomi show-off.

CES 2017 ends on a sour note for Razer with the theft of two unnamed prototypes

Razer stole the (Consumer Electronics) show last week with Project Valerie and Ariana demos, which is perhaps why two of its prototypes were also stolen.

Kodak Orbit360 4K VR Action Camera: CES 2017 Hands-On (Video)

The Pixpro team was one of the first to support 360 degree video on Youtube. Here’s our first look at the new Kodak Orbit360 4K VR Action Camera!

Xiaomi won’t be in the US by 2018: will it be too late?

The company is edging into the US through TV boxes, but one of its executives claims that it will not move smartphones into the country anytime soon.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Hands-On: now in white (Video)

The phone that took the cake for 2016 remains chained to China. But if you were in Las Vegas for CES 2017, you could have touched the white Xiaomi Mi MIX.

Casio WSD-F20 Hands-On: Finally the real deal (Video)

CES 2017 brings us another crack at a smartwatch that is meant for the sporty. And with cellular connectivity and GPS, we are liking this one from Casio.

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 (2017) Hands-on at CES 2017 (Video)

Samsung is refreshing its mid-ranger lineup for the new year and with that, a fresh take on silicon, design language and where the speaker goes.

Outdoor Tech Rhinos: Rugged Headphones at CES 2017 (Video)

The company’s been making its bones on speakers and batteries meant for the trees, dirt and rivers of our world. These headphones just entered the fray.
Kodak Super 8

Kodak Super 8 Camera and the Return of Ektachrome Film (Video)

The Kodak Super 8 Camera makes a comeback at CES 2017, and, while this is definitely not our main scope of coverage, we do have a lot of photography enthusiasts (and experts) among the members of our team, and our kick-ass readers and viewers.
TCL Moveband BT

TCL MOVEBAND BT Hands-on: the company’s take on the Misfit? (Video)

Check out the TCL MOVEBAND BT, an IP67-rated fitness tracker wearable that lacks a display, but that doesn’t cripple its functionality.
Alcatel A3 XL

Alcatel A3 XL hands-on: Nougat on modest hardware (Video)

Modest is the word best describing what you’ll find under the hood of the new Alcatel A3 XL, powered by Android 7.0 Nougat.
Samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus Hands-on: It’s not an S-Pen (Video)

Designed for Google Play, both the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus sport a “pen”. Yes, it’s just a pen, not an S-Pen.
Lofelt Basslet

A Wearable Subwoofer: Lofelt Basslet Hands On at CES 2017 (Video)

The Lofelt Basslet is a one-of-a-kind subwoofer for your wrist crowdfunded last year, which we were lucky to preview at CES 2017 ahead of a general release.

T-Mobile Un-carrier Next and a word about the LG G6 | CES 2017 Daily (Day 2)

The LG G6 will be friendless and T-Mobile will be even more carrier-less(?) soon. Plus, Pocketnow talks with the makers of a subwoofer bracelet.

Razer just won CES 2017 with a crazy Project Valerie three-screen laptop concept

Project Valerie is the tentative name of one of CES 2017’s most ambitious concept designs, as Razer tries to make a multi-monitor setup a portable thing.

ZTE Axon 7 Daydream VR, Hawkeye & more at CES 2017 (Video)

The Axon 7 won’t get Daydream or it will. Maybe. Also, the Blade V8 Pro and winner of the Project CSX vote, the Hawkeye, also show up at CES 2017.

The 2-in-1 Toshiba Portege X20W means heavy duty business, but light

It plays both hard-hitter and svelte performer roles quite nicely and is Toshiba’s way of simply continuing its appeal to B2B clients.