Saygus tweetstorms on the V2’s Snapdragon 801 and an unreliable ODM

After a slew of problems from parts providers and manufacturers, Saygus has now taken the reins of building its own phone. It’s still late for shipments.

Is CES still relevant?

CES has a wide range of electronics in display, but there are hardly any phones, tablets, or wearables announced, so it’s hard to get excited for it.

Casio WSD-F10 Hands-On @ CES 2016

Watch our hands-on video of the first Casio Android Wear offering, the Casio WSD-F10 as part of our additional late coverage for CES 2016

Vive Pre Hands-On: still the VR to beat (Video)

Nearly a year after its announcement, HTC and Valve are about to drop the Vive Pre on the world. We went hands-on at CES 2016.

HTC Vive, Nextbit Robin, Casio Android Wear & more – CES 2016 Wrap-up

Watch our quick wrap-up of the hottest products of CES 2016, and what products weren’t, as it seems the tradeshow disappointed to a certain degree

CES 2016 on fleek | Pocketnow Weekly 182

Our team coverage of CES 2016 continues with the Pocketnow Weekly podcast featuring our largest on-the-ground crew in Las Vegas ever.

CES 2016 Show Recap: All you need to know

In case you missed any of the countless product announcements at CES 2016, we have a quick rundown for you to catch up on all the action.

Can you shock your way out of VR-induced motion sickness?

Can the ReliefBand wearable really let you enjoy this year’s hot new VR headsets without suffering the effects of motion sickness?

LG K7 and K10 Hands-On (Video)

Both phones represent not a tech spec bump in mid-rangers, but a design change. And at least one of them is calling T-Mobile and MetroPCS home soon.

Martian mVoice and Kindred Smartwatches Hands-On (Video)

Martian’s products aren’t the typical smartwatches out there, but they do have save you from your phone. The company’s portfolio is growing at CES 2016.

Zeiss Smart Optics Hands-On (Video)

Google Glass? So 2013. Carl Zeiss, the company that makes glass for cameras and telescopes already makes them for your eyewear. But it’s smartening them up.

Under Armour puts Watson from IBM to its app, UA Record

The UA Record app will now not only track health and performance statistics, but also compare that data to other UA Record users and suggest optimizations.

Nextbit Robin hands-on (Video)

Here’s your chance to get reacquainted with the “smarter” Nextbit Robin smartphone, which puts the cloud first, aiming to eliminate storage restrictions.

CES 2016 Day 4 wrap-up: BLU, Lenovo, Razer, and more

Our exclusive CES 2016 coverage has almost come to an end, and it’s time to take a look back at all the exciting things that happened in Vegas on January 7.

3Glasses D2 Vanguard Edition hands-on (Video)

The 3Glasses D2 Vanguard Edition is the newest entry in the increasingly crowded virtual reality hardware space, and it looks promising at a first glance.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote aims to free your smartphone from connected-home duty

The upcoming Sevenhugs Smart Remote looks to give users a powerful, compact way to control connected-home devices.

Lenovo gets ready to deliver the first commercial Project Tango smartphone

Google’s reality-mapping project is just about to go mainstream, as Lenovo gets ready to bring us a commercial Project Tango smartphone.

Decibullz Contour Custom Molded Earphones Hands-On (Video)

These aren’t just your ‘ol run-of-the-mill type earbuds. You soak them in hot water, stick them in your lugs and in just minutes, they mold right into them.

We want all tablets, and phones, to look like this HiSense VIDAA Mirror slate

Looking for the bezel-less tablet? There is at least one at CES 2016. Check out this HiSense VIDAA Mirror, and tell us you don’t like its looks

UK gets LG V10 — who’s next?

The LG V10 is finally expanding beyond its initial markets where it’s been doing okay. Will it grow and do even better?

BLU Vivo 5 and Vivo XL liven up CES 2016

US-based budget phone provider BLU has definitely been making some interesting tracks in its portion of the market. It adds two more at CES 2016.

Razer Nabu Watch goes official with dual screens, dual batteries, watch-first focus

The Razer Nabu Watch is an ingenious new “watch that’s smart”, with a timeless digital chronograph look, two separate screens, and two separate batteries.

CES 2016 Day 3 wrap-up: AOT, HP, Intel, Samsung, and more

CES 2016 has officially started, and, it is pretty much over. That doesn’t mean that Day 3 (which is the official day one of CES) was a boring one. Click to see what you missed.

Huge collection of Martian smartwatches and smart jewelry debuts at CES 2016

US-based wearable manufacturer Martian Watches is making quite the splash at CES 2016 with a full range of hybrid new timepieces and smart bracelets.

Remix OS is about to bring multi-window Android to your spare PC

Got a spare PC lying around and want to check out some multi-window Android action? You’re going to want to download the new Remix OS for PC release.