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CES 2013: Our Impressions

We’ve gathered our CES 2013 thoughts together for you, in one place. Go through them and make sure to share yours!

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CES 2013 Wrap-Up: The Worst Best Show Ever

The 2013 CES trade show featured hundreds of exhibitors, but nowhere near as much hot new smartphones and tablets as years previous. Read on for our thoughts on what this means.

Huawei Shares Plans For Eight-Core SoC, Thinnest Smartphone Ever

Get the scoop on two exciting smartphone products Huawei is now working on.

LG Showcases New AH-IPS Displays, Coming To Products Soon

LG’s CES event was about connected devices as well as a hint at another Nexus, but the South Koreans also brought some new displays to Vegas.

Archos Announces Four New Budget-Priced Jelly Bean Tablets

Hear just how cheap Archos has managed to make its latest line of Android tablets.

Move Over Quad-Core, Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa Packs 8-Cores of Raw Power

Learn about Samsung’s response to the Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800: an eight-core powerhouse called the Exynos 5 Octa!

Nokia Working On Something ‘Very Cool’ For PureView, Says Head Of Imaging

Nokia’s head of imaging, Juha Alakarhu, while not talking specifics, said that something “very cool” is in the works.

Qi Wireless Charging: Hands-On Interview (Video)

We get the latest info on wireless charging technology straight from the mouth of industry-leader Qi.

Panasonic Toughpad MA1: Hands-On (Video)

Get a glimpse at one of Panasonic’s heavy-duty Android tablets, operating on Verizon LTE.

OpenMobile Cross-Platform Android Apps (Video)

See what one company has come up with to let Android apps run on any number of normally-incompatible operating systems.

The Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch is (Almost) Here

Learn about Pebble’s CES 2013 announcement, and what that means if you backed their Kickstarter campaign or pre-ordered your own smart watch.

NectarMobile Fuel Cell: Hands-On (Video)

Take a look at a fuel-cell-based mobile device charger, generating electricity without the need for batteries.

Noitavonne Concept Smartphones & Tablets (Video)

Take a look at some of the concept designs we ran across while covering this year’s CES.

VK200 Infrared Keyboard: Hands-On (Video)

Intrigued by the idea of virtual, projected keyboards? We go hands-on with one at the CES to see just how well (or not) it works.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Live from CES 2013!

Just because it was a light year at CES doesn’t mean we don’t have a ton of new hotness to discuss. Join the Pocketnow team for tech chatter in our podcasting perch high above the Las Vegas strip on the last day of CES 2013!