We could soon get new Google Pixel Buds

It seems that we could get a new 2020 version of the Google Pixel Buds, as they have recently received certification at the NCC

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite may launch in January

Samsung is getting everything ready for a possible launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite early next year

5G Moto Mod finally passes under FCC inspection

It’s been a complicated process to get the 5G Moto Mod engineered for best practices interacting with the new network. An FCC shutdown didn’t help things.

LG G8 ThinQ battery revealed to be 17 percent larger than G7’s

The LG G8 ThinQ will definitely need a larger battery than its predecessor if the company plans on packing more parts into its phones.

FCC shutdown continues, but new phones will be allowed to go to market

Manufacturers can submit their smartphones, smartwatches and tablets to the FCC again so that they can be marketed and sold in the United States.

ECG feature in Apple Watch Series 4 could take years to be approved in the UK

It seems that the Apple Watch Series 4 won’t be having its ECG function enabled within the United Kingdom for some time, maybe for some years

The OPPO Find X might be the first smartphone with 10GB of RAM

There is a new variant of the OPPO Find X that will include 10GB of RAM according to TENAA in China, we’re just waiting for a launch date

Nubia Z18S will have two screens, according to TENAA

A phone with two displays has been tried before, but it hasn’t been a big seller. Perhaps this Chinese manufacturer will blow the concept up?

A new Chromecast has made it to the FCC… again

We’ve been waiting for an update to come for the original OTT TV device from Google and it seems that the radios will be getting a big revamp.

Four cameras and more: see what’s inside the RED Hydrogen One

RED has sent documents to the FCC to certify that that Hydrogen ONE follows radiofrequency output rules in the United States.

Motorola One specs include RAM range from 3GB to 6GB

Motorola’s next big phone may not be a “flagship” in the traditional sense if we look back on our rumor coverage. So, what’s up with the Motorola One?

BlackBerry KEY2 Lite actually has a different name

Documentation filed at the FCC shows off the go-to-market name that TCL is planning on using for this lighter version of the KEY2.

Galaxy Watch seen at FCC with sleeker package

The latest Samsung smartwatch is expected to launch in just weeks and we finally know to some extent how it will fit on your wrist.

Xiaomi spotted at regulators with “Pocophone” brand

What is the Pocophone? Well, it’s not particularly pequeno in the specs department and it doesn’t seem like it’ll hit the United States.

OPPO A5 spotted at TENAA as the next step up from the A3

The OPPO A3 launched with a 720p screen and a notch. There was not fingerprint sensor, just facial recognition. And then there’s the next step.

Specs spill on Xiaomi Mi Max 3 from TENAA

The display’s about 7 inches across, the battery’s amazingly large and there’s the usual trimmings like dual rear cameras sprinkled in, too.

TENAA lays out details of Nokia 5.1 Plus

It’s a dual-camera mid-ranger more powerful than the Nokia 5.1, though it has a larger, less resolution-dense display. We’re still waiting for more.

LG Q8+, perhaps a smaller V30, certified by Korean government

Well, it could be a small V30, just like how the Q8 was very much like the V34 in that it was a smaller V20. But what are all these model numbers signaling?

Paperwork for Nokia 5.1 has been filed at FCC

But what does it mean for stateside Nokia phone fans? Will retailers also sell the Nokia 5.1 here? Or do things make less sense than what it looks like?

Another LG Watch Timepiece at the FCC or maybe something else?

The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology is looking over documents from…

LG Q7 Stylus found at Taiwan’s telecom regulator

LG’s yearly attempt at making an Android phone with a stylus in tow may come with a sensical name in 2018. But we’ve yet to confirm even basic details about it.

China could get Galaxy S8 lite, according to Bluetooth SIG

The serial number, SM-G8750, comes very close to another phone that has come up in reportage tracking recently, the SM-G8850.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless spotted with Bluetooth certification

Wireless earbuds have been around for a couple of years now, but they’ve only come from a few reputable brands. Will OnePlus disrupt this price space?

Teasing officially starts as OnePlus 6 is spotted at Wi-Fi Alliance

A vibrant looping ad starts the marketing campaign for real. Meanwhile, hints of the latest software wisp into view with a new certification.

The Moto G6 is unveiled at TENAA

The design of the device is very much like the Moto X4, but there are a couple of spec and design updates for the Moto G6 as revealed here.