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Google denies it is keeping Chinese censored search engine alive

Still, employees are concerned about the number of changes being made to the code repository for major parts of Project Dragonfly.

Huawei reportedly demotes two employees for iPhone tweet

The consequences? A fairly large cut in monthly wages and demotions. All for a tweet that wasn’t just a simple mistake, but tipped the political tide.

Google reportedly kills Chinese search engine amid company turmoil

It was an incubating product dubbed “Project Dragonfly” and was meant to pave a path for Google to launch censored web search services in China.

Pichai tells DC pols Chinese Google search isn’t imminent, but is being modeled

Google has been developing potential search engine products for the restrictive Chinese market, its CEO tells Capitol Hill lawmakers.

No, Google search is not returning to China, censored or otherwise

A recent Intercept report claiming that Google might return to China with a censored search engine was debunked by China Securities Daily

Google Maps back in China after 8 years’ absence

By many indications, Google seems to have made a partnership with an Alibaba subsidiary in order to return its Maps service back to the very restrictive regime of China.

The Google Play Store in China? For sure? NetEase said to be in negotiations

After the company failed to push forward on rumored plans to launch the Google Play Store in China last year, could it do so this year with a partner?

Off-beat: could Utah’s crusade against porn be another Apple v. FBI in the making?

One bill would force phone makers to put porn filters on their products. Would they be willing to go to the effort of blocking content for their users?