Apple Watch Series 5 up to $70 off on Amazon
Amazon has a great selection of colors and styles for the Apple Watch Series 5 on discount and a huge selection of Apple accessories right now
Apple Watch
The Apple Watch Series 4 is up to $350 off on Amazon right now!
Amazon may have the lowest price ever for the Apple Watch Series 4 in its Cellular+WiFi version, and more discounts on non Cellular versions
Spotify Car Player caught in Reddit thread from January
Seems like Spotify likes not only to test its marketing apparatuses out, but tease our minds with new hardware that it has wanted to put out.
Merged Sprint/T-Mobile network visualized in maps
The map shows off the spectrum holdings the two would have if they combined. But it doesn’t reflect the towers that already exist.
Qualcomm and Intel modems spotted in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus teardowns
Different chips for different iPhones, but it’s all the same since last year. So, what is up with Qualcomm and Intel and their modems?
Apple Watch Series 3 is all about cellular
LTE and UMTS radios will be introduced on this new Apple Watch and all four major US carriers will stock cellular versions.
Verizon HTC U11 is one of the first to ditch CDMA support
If it’s not the first, HTC is still getting it in there with LTE-only support on Verizon. Data, messaging, voice, everything through 4G.
Verizon SmartHub is a cellular smart home router
In an intersection between cellular hotspots and smart home hubs, it’s a combination LTE data router and smart home manager. Simple enough.
2G will die in Singapore throughout 2017
The city-state will ban sales of domestic-use 2G phones on the first of the year. Carriers have an April 1 deadline to shut their towers off.
Will Sprint’s HPUE roll-out really help out on 2.5GHz?
2.5GHz has been a challenge to utilize, but Sprint has been fixing up its heaviest spectrum holdings with new technology to deliver it to customers.