T-Mobile offers ‘hoodwinked’ AT&T customers up to $900 to switch carriers
As network switching deals go, T-Mobile’s latest WTH promotion for AT&T subscribers on grandfathered iPhone data unlimited plans is pretty enticing.
Port in your number to MetroPCS, and you can get two free months of unlimited service
Technically, you have to pay for your first two months of unlimited MetroPCS service before receiving $100 back, but free money is always a good deal.
There’s a new BOGO at T-Mobile, while MetroPCS takes $150 off any phone for switchers
Every season is gift-giving season at T-Mobile and MetroPCS, including tax season, during which you can get a number of free or at least heavily discounted smartphones.
T-Mobile sued by victim of port-out scam for not validating PIN
The victim claims in the suit that T-Mobile failed to do due diligence and lacked a framework to prevent scammers from switching his account to another network without his permission.
T-Mobile addresses port-out scam by texting customers
The carrier is urging customers to set up a passcode to protect against unwarranted switching by scammers. Victims have been locked out of their numbers.
Switch to Cricket Wireless, and get a free new Alcatel Verso or old LG Fortune
In addition to ultra-affordable unlimited data plans, those who choose to switch to Cricket Wireless in the near future can get one of several Android phones free of charge.
T-Mobile has fresh discounts for all, whether you’re looking for one or two new phones
This may just be the most comprehensive list of T-Mobile deals unveiled in quite some time, catering to iOS and Android fans, switchers, traders and BOGO hunters.