Metro by T-Mobile’s Black Friday deals include free AirPods
Bring or buy an iPhone, port your number and sign onto an Unlimited LTE plan and you’re eligible for more than just AirPods.
Will the iPhone 8 support T-Mobile’s 600MHz frequencies?
There’s a remote possibility that Apple fans may go without the best possible speeds that T-Mobile can provide this fall.
Galaxy S8 and HTC U11 get software fix to better access Sprint 2.5GHz band
Sprint’s been fighting its reputation as the weakest network in the US and it’s using download speeds through the Galaxy S8 as a metric.
ZTE also makes tablets: Grand X View 2 hits Canada July 12
Bell will presumably carry it with LTE connectivity. Nearly every specification has been downgraded from last year’s original Grand X View.
LG Harmony comes to Cricket Wireless with a higher minimum plan buy-in
It has a spec line or two that falls short of another version of this phone on Verizon and it takes a higher minimum data plan to purchase the phone.
Family-owned US Cellular won’t sell, despite its largest investor’s intentions
The nation’s larget regional carrier, which has 5 million subscribers and some spectrum to its name, will stay with the family that owns it, a source says.
T-Mobile ONE Prepaid and Simply Prepaid make us question why MetroPCS is around
They’re priced worse than MetroPCS plans (plans devised under T-Mobile control) and one worse than even the postpaid version of T-Mobile ONE.
Taiwan Mobile selling iPhone 6 (2017) in 32GB gold SKU
It’s only in a 32GB memory configuration and in the gold color. It sounds ridiculous, but it seems that Apple is playing the price game.
Cricket throttling its unlimited data users harder starting April 2
The AT&T prepaid carrier already caps rates at 8Mbps. Now, unlimited data users may see bigger speed cuts like their postpaid counterparts.
T-Mobile ONE doubles international data roaming speeds to 256kbps
While you had full-speed LTE access across all of North America with T-Mobile, you used to only be able to crawl, not cruise elsewhere.
Sprint 3CA service spreads to iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, LG V20
Faster download and upload speeds that launched with the HTC Bolt have spread to six other devices and another six are on the way.