OnePlus 6T will likely appear at company’s first store in Paris
The Chinese smartphone maker has officially announced plans to open its first retail store in France this fall, around the OnePlus 6T launch.
Don’t worry, you will be able to hide the OnePlus 6 notch… eventually
If you don’t feel ready to “love the notch” just yet, Pete Lau wants you to know a “black-out” feature will be delivered to the OnePlus 6 after the phone’s commercial debut in a software update.
OnePlus’s Carl Pei retracts “love the notch” tweet
After Pei deleted the tweet, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has posted an extensive explanation into why the notch has to be on the OnePlus 6.
This is the OnePlus 6 notch that you’ll need to ‘learn to love’, as it ‘just makes sense’
The OnePlus 6 is technically not official yet, and it may not even be called that way, but we already know exactly what size its notch will be, and why it’s there to begin with.
Carl Pei shuts down wild OnePlus X2 rumors, stressing fake news is bad
Nope, there are still no plans for a mid-range OnePlus X2, aka a sequel to the once-beloved OnePlus X, and anything claiming the opposite is fake news.
Better pictures of OnePlus 5T leak with 2:1 display in clear view
It’s a lot like the OPPO F5 in terms of the frontal design. The cameras have just been switched around a bit is all. Will it sell?
Carl Pei gives us OnePlus 6 clickbait for OnePlus 5 AMA on Reddit
Co-founder Carl Pei thought it would be funny to suggest article titles for stuff he’s addressing on a Reddit AMA thread for the OnePlus 5.
Carl Pei shuts down OnePlus 3 mini
No chance for a 4.6-inch OnePlus 3 to grace any hands. CEO Carl Pei has put a one-word end to rumors of a smaller version of the company’s flagship.
Carl Pei goes on a tear on OnePlus 3 Reddit thread
The co-founder of OnePlus is frustrated with the notion that the OnePlus 3 is a product of compromise and corner-cutting for its value.
Carl Pei: do people want OnePlus around or not?
Startups make a habit of raising hell in their respective industries because…
The OnePlus 2 might be an example of how an underdog can shine
Okay, the extremely exciting initial news, spec and video blast is over…
The OnePlus 2 of 2015 isn’t the flagship killer of 2016
Welcome to the hype machine, hope you enjoy your stay! The spin…