Gone from the Google Store: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, NVIDIA Shield, others

Along with the old flagship smartphones, the NVIDIA Shield, two Cardboard VR headsets and a Dell Chromebook have also flown the coop.

Sources say Google quit its own VR headset to focus on Daydream

One source says over 50 people worked on the now-cancelled headset that ran on non-Android software. Google is likely reinvesting labor into Daydream.

Google debuts Daydream as the VR platform for Android N

“VR should be mobile, should be approachable, should be for everyone.” It’s…

Immerse yourself in Google I/O 2016 with live YouTube VR stream

The inaugural keynote of the Google I/O 2016 developer conference will be broadcasted live in 360 degrees on YouTube tomorrow at 10AM PT.

3 things we’re watching for at Google I/O 2016 (#io16)

Mountain View will be busy next week with swarms of developers learning about the latest on Android, Google’s VR ambitions and a whole lot more.

And there you have it: Google practically confirms Android VR platform

Something called Android VR is definitely coming, according to the Google Play Developer Console, probably at the I/O conference next week.

Google will ‘definitely’ announce standalone Android VR headset at I/O

Do you dare to dream about a standalone, smartphone-disconnected virtual reality headset? Google could make that a reality next week with the Android VR.

Cardboard VR viewers are now up for grabs from four more Google Stores

With likely only a week to go until the announcement of second-gen Google Cardboard VR headsets, original models have just expanded to new territories.

Android N signs point to enhanced stock virtual reality capabilities

If the latest developer preview is anything to go by, Android N should focus on enriching the virtual reality universe, among others.

Google brings its A game to April Fools’ with Cardboard Plastic, Photos emoji search, and more

As always, Google takes April Fools’ Day uniquely seriously, unveiling the Cardboard Plastic actual reality headset, parachute Express delivery, and more.

Heads up, Android devs, Google I/O 2016 tickets are now available for lottery winners

The Google I/O 2016 developer conference is roughly two months away, and the first batch of tickets can be purchased by lucky raffle victors.

Google Store picks up new category just for VR hardware

In the market for a new Google Cardboard? Perhaps something a little more robust? You’ll want to check out the new Google Store VR section.

Google supposedly working on stand-alone VR headset, as well as next-gen sensor-laden Cardboard

In addition to a next-gen Cardboard with a ton of new sensors, rumors suggest that a stand-alone Google VR headset could also be in the works.

Google may have much bigger plans for VR than Cardboard, expect details at I/O

Forget Cardboard, as Google has its sights set on a sturdier, higher-end VR headset designed to work with a wide range of Android phones.

Next-gen Google Cardboard may take advantage of Project Tango tech

Rumors of a crossover Google Cardboard Project Tango effort could be part of Google’s next-gen VR/AR plans.

Google job postings, new hires point to serious interest in VR hardware

With new hires and a prominent Google VR job posting for hardware development, rumors of the company’s interest in new VR headsets grows.

Google Cardboard picks up spatial audio SDK support for impressive 3D sound

With the new Google Cardboard spatial audio SDK, devs can easily make apps that sound as immersive as they look.

Google exec reshuffling hints at big VR plans in its future

Google VR rumors are heating up as a VP is tasked to work on VR and VR alone – could an Oculus-like headset be in Google’s future?

Google Cardboard Camera lets you take your own 360-degree 3D shots

Got a Google Cardboard headset? Great; now you’re all set to create some 3D panoramas with the new Google Cardboard Camera app.

Verizon’s got some exclusive Star Wars Google Cardboard viewers

Act fast to get your own limited edition Star Wars Google Cardboard viewer, in select Verizon stores today.

YouTube for Android goes full VR for Cardboard users: 3D with head tracking

See how today’s new YouTube VR-focused updates really help improve the experience for Google Cardboard users.

Google Street View gets immersive with new Cardboard support

Learn how the new Google Street View Cardboard support gives you a new tool to check out full-360-degree imagery from all around the world.

Microsoft looks like it’s come up with a Google Cardboard of its own

It looks like Microsoft wants a Google Cardboard 3D viewer of its own, and that may arrive in the form of Microsoft VR Kit.

OnePlus starts taking orders for its nearly free Google Cardboard VR viewer

The OnePlus Cardboard is available for order now, and all you’ve got to pay for is the cost of shipping.

OnePlus 2 launch date set for late July (with a VR twist)

Get your Google Cardboard ready for a special VR event, as we get word of the official OnePlus 2 launch date.