From Apple to Tesla and back again: Doug Field returns to work on Apple’s Project Titan
After leaving Apple to join Tesla, Doug Field returns to Apple. He will be working on Project Titan, which is Apple’s electric car project.
Apple getting into battery materials supply chain directly, likely for cars
With the amount of cobalt Apple reportedly wants, this could be a sign that the Apple Car project still under wraps is gaining steam.
Looking for a heads-up display to put on your dash? Anker Roav pre-orders up for $200 off
Anker usually is of the mobile accessories ilk, but this heads-up display for your heads-up display-less car might be worth looking at.
T-Mobile SyncUp DRIVE is an LTE-connected Automatic competitor
Smart car dongles that can help you make sure your car is in a state of good repair have been hot items recently. Especially cell-connected ones.
Can the Dash app train you to be a better driver? One year road test!
Can the Dash app train you to be a better driver? Will it help you save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance? Here’s our one year road test!
Microsoft wants a piece of HERE Maps for the same reason Amazon does
HERE Maps has a lot of data it’s going to be collecting. And someone has to store that data. Will it be Microsoft? Will it be Amazon? Or both?
The Samsung Connect Auto smartens a dumb car with LTE
AT&T will have first dibs on a dongle from Samsung that can tap into what your car’s feeling and beam it through LTE.
Smartphones targeted as a cause for US traffic death spike
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Android in-car experience
Here’s what we want the in-car Android experience to be like
We’re all carrying phones with us, and many of us drive cars. The two need to come together. This is what we and an Android in-car experience to be like.
Google’s Self-Driving Cars and Some Android Tech That You Can Use Today (Video)
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