The Samsung Galaxy S11 may come with more than one ToF sensor
A recent report from Korea makes us believe that we could get more Time of Flight sensors in the next Samsung Galaxy S11 devices
iPhone 11 design
Pocketnow Daily: iPhone XI Names to get BETTER and WORSE? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible new names for the iPhone XI, more cameras on future iPads, Huawei Mate 30 specs and more
Odds against Samsung introducing LPDDR5 RAM for Galaxy S10
As to how many cameras the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will get on their rear sides, signs point to three. Not two, but three. And what of this RAM business?
How to sell your camera, lenses and gear to get the most money
If you want to sell your camera, lenses, accessories, or general photography gear, Swappa is the place you should definitely check out!
cameras on Swappa
Now you can buy and sell cameras on Swappa
If you’re into photography, you’ll be happy to find out that you can now buy and sell cameras on Swappa. Check out the details!
MediaTek survey on dual cameras: young folk are selfie fiends, carrier-agnostic
If you think that millennials and Gen Z are programmatic selfie-takers, this survey will confirm your suspicions. But there’s more to it than just that.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
Samsung Galaxy S10 model numbers are confirmed
We already have the model numbers for all three Samsung Galaxy S10 models that are going to come in the first quarter of 2019
Google struggling to fix Pixel 2 XL camera fault
With reports of the camera app crashing for a good, long while, why hasn’t Google nailed this problem down yet? The latest stage for the problem is Twitter.
Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8
Max spec Galaxy S10 with three rear cameras also has dual selfie cameras
The “Beyond 2” and the “Beyond 1” will both feature triple rear cameras. The entry-level “Beyond 0” may have dual rear cameras.
Meitu looks to build an AI-focused GPU
It launched a new flagship smartphone that’s all about the selfies as usual, but its unique position and obsession has it looking for silicon.
Don’t be afraid of PHADE, surveillance cameras that send your phone messages
If you’re visiting a marketplace or a museum and have their apps, their cameras may be able to send you messages by tracking how you move.
RED Hydrogen One delayed until August to incorporate 4-View cameras into base device
Company founder Jim Jannard is also hoping to notch deals for networks to carry his phone and have it launch simultaneously across all channels.
Unambiguous: Xiaomi’s April 25 event will be about Mi 6X/Mi A2
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun will apparently be holding the event around his alma mater in Wuhan, Hebei Province. And we now know that the phone definitely has dual rear cameras.
Pixel phones get instant access to Google Lens through Google Assistant
Seeing barcodes, business cards, baroque art and B-rate movies? This will be pretty useful if you have any sort of Pixel phone.
Razer Phone’s camera deemed “a dealbreaker,” but it will get better
One renowned reviewer specifically pushed the point that the camera experience on the gamer’s dream phone is a “dealbreaker” for $699. Razer’s CEO promises better.
Though with Face ID, 2018 iPad Pro won’t get OLED display
It’s already hard enough to procure OLED smartphone displays. But at least we know that at least one new iPad Pro is coming our way next year.
KGI: Two 2018 iPhones will get new casing design
The financial firm’s renowned Apple analyst is looking at more pieces of steel in two of next year’s iPhones and some “upgrades.”
Brothers figure out dubious Face ID quirk on iPhone X
Here’s the thing about this “bug”: your sibling that doesn’t own an iPhone X needs to know that passcode you use to coerce Face ID to learn their face.
Will iPhone X users’ privacy be protected by TrueDepth app developers?
While this data may not be able to be turned around against users to unlock their iPhone X devices through Face ID, there’s still plenty of abuse to be had.
Carl Pei hints at OnePlus 5T portrait-taking abilities
The co-founder of this Chinese smartphone maker has tweeted out a portrait-style photo and is jabbing fans of the brand with anticipation.
Win two tickets to LG’s event at the New York Film Festival! (WINNER)
LG Mobile is holding an event at the New York Film Festival at the Lincoln Center on Friday, October 13. You can be a part of it!
Galaxy Note 8 Real Camera Review: the best zoom on a phone (Video)
It borrows a camera from the Galaxy S8 and then we go bonkers from there. What’s up with Samsung’s answer to Apple’s zoom? A lotta good is up, that’s what.
The iPhone 8 and iPhone X camera experience, detailed
Three new phones, one new camera… essentially. And for the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, you’ve got new realities to discover with AR.