FTC starts private investigation into Facebook privacy concerns

Among many of them is the fact that Facebook collected the metadata of Android users’ phone calls and text messages. The company says it was an opt-in procedure, but screenshots make the practice more vague than it seems.

Facebook logs call, SMS data from Android phones

Facebook has been scraping the metadata of calls and messages sent from Android phones for a long, long time. We’re only finding about it now because of the backlash from the Cambridge Analytica saga.

Amazon Alexa now calling and texting on Fire, Android and iOS tablets

Perhaps the one thing your phone didn’t need was another way to text and call people. But maybe that’s where your tablet and Alexa can kick in.

Another iPhone X bug makes headlines, this one preventing users from answering calls

Apple is finally looking into complaints from a relatively small number of iPhone X users unable to see who is calling them when they should.

Free Google Home voice calls roll out, benefits for Google Voice and Project Fi users

Google Home owners can make calls with their device, but most won’t be able to link their phone number to it — except for Project Fi and Google Voice users.

Apple Watch Series 3 may only use LTE for data, not calls

There’s a remote possibility that VoIP services can be used, but would the experience be worth taking up? That and more from KGI’s Apple analyst.

Verizon cruises over RootMetrics testing for 1H16 — T-Mobile last, but most improved

AT&T is second, Sprint is third, but T-Mobile is a most improved fourth and may be biting at some yellow towers soon enough.

iMessage on iOS 10 gets fancy, calls too

When you buy a phone, mission one for the thing is to…