AT&T and Amazon launch LTE-M Button for simple IoT tasks
Just plug in AWS application codes and then let them get played for whatever purpose they need to have. All the data gets sent on a cellular network.
Rumors affirm expectations of radically changed bottom of iPhone 7
We talk about speaker grilles not being speaker grilles and a new home button that won’t be a button? What’s the deal with that?
The rear-facing buttons are the worst part of the LG G3
Like last year’s G2, the LG G3 comes with power and volume buttons on the backside. Read why Taylor isn’t a fan of the rear buttons configuration.
edge to edge screen
Loving edge-to-edge screens? Get used to buttons on the back
Buttons take up a lot of space inside your phone. As bezels get smaller & edge-to-edge screens become common, buttons are going to have to go someplace else