New HTC Butterfly rumored with B2 codename and M8-like specs

A new HTC Butterfly smartphone will be landing soon, and, according to the most recent rumors, it will wear the codename “B2”.

HTC working on new Butterfly model with no more UltraPixel camera?

Do we have a new HTC Butterfly on our hands? See why the company’s model 0PAJ3 might just be the next phone to join the Butterfly lineage.

The HTC One/Butterfly S duality: what we should learn

Read why HTC’s work on the One and Butterfly S could herald a new age of increased smartphone design options.

HTC Butterfly S rumored for later this month

Get the latest rumors on the HTC Butterfly S, a possible hardware refresh for last year’s 1080p Android.

Android 4.2.2 With Sense 5.1 Has Leaked For HTC Butterfly

Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5.1 leaked for HTC Butterfly, meaning that the HTC One might be up next. If not, there’s always the community that’s hard at work.

New HTC Butterfly Already Under Testing as DLXPLUS?

Find out what we know about the next HTC Butterfly model.

HTC Exec Confirms Plans For Butterfly 2

Find out what one HTC exec had to say about plans for a Butterfly sequel.

HTC Confirms Sense 5 Updates

Learn which HTC phones will be seeing updates to Sense 5.

The HTC Mini Is a Great Idea That Will Be Mocked to Death

Hear why HTC’s Mini, the companion phone selling with the five-inch Butterfly in China, is a good idea that is simply being marketed wrong.

HTC Pairs 5-Inch Butterfly With HTC Mini Handset/Remote; a Phone for Your Phone?

Check out the bizarre accessory HTC’s been distributing with its five-inch Butterfly.

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The HTC M7: Groundbreaking, or Just Another Android Flagship?

The rumored M7 from HTC looks like a worthy Android smartphone, but does it look capable of standing up to new threats like the Samsung Galaxy S IV? Read on for our thoughts on the newest leaks.

HTC Butterfly Gets A Pre-Order Availability Date

Learn just what you’ll have to pay for, and when you could hope to get your hands on HTC’s 1080p Butterfly.

HTC 2013 Models Leaked; M7 and Probably Some Tablets Included

Let more of the rumors we want to read begin. Just when…

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HTC Confirms: Butterfly Not Coming To Europe

Read why you won’t be able to purchase HTC’s 1080p Butterfly Android from European retailers.

Verizon’s Limited Edition HTC Droid DNA Is Very, Very Red

Check out the new Droid DNA color option, (for now) available only to Verizon employees.

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E-tailer Offers the HTC Butterfly Up For Pre-Order

A European e-tailer offers the HTC Butterfly up for pre-order. Read about the details if you’re considering one.

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HTC’s Butterfly Launch is Another Agonizing Tease

The HTC Butterfly is the newest version of the Butterfly J and the Droid DNA, a 1080p Android smartphone. Read on to see why we wish it were less Chinese, more global.

HTC Announces Butterfly, International Droid DNA

The HTC Butterfly, a global variant of the J Butterfly and Droid DNA, has appeared on HTC’s website. Check it out!

The Same Old Bad Habits Are Fueling HTC’s Slow Decline

HTC’s smartphones are amazing in many ways, but Samsung is beating it senseless. Read on to find out why.

1080p Screens On Smartphones Are Useless. Here’s Why.

HTC has a new first coming up: a smartphone with a 1080p HD display. Read to see why we think it’s absurd.

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