Windows 10 will fail to hit one billion devices in 2018

Microsoft has revised its goal of having Windows 10 achieve one billion active monthly users by its fiscal 2018. Why? Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10 cross-platform app porting has some important limitations

There are a couple big limitations with Windows 10 cross-platform app support that you should be aware of.

Microsoft going cross-platform with Office add-ins

Microsoft’s showing off Office cross-platform add-ins as it previews Office 2016 at Build today.

Watch the Microsoft Build live stream here

In just a couple hours, Microsoft’s keynote gets started, and you can watch via the Build 2015 live stream.

Microsoft rumors tackle plans for next-gen Surface, launching soon

A rumored new Surface tablet could deliver an affordable option that still runs full-blown Windows.

Microsoft to open the Xbox One app platform very soon

Learn more about Microsoft’s plan to deploy universal apps on its Xbox One, which is one of the major players in the new Windows 10 strategy