Meizu Note 9 joins the 48MP camera fray at $209
It’s a tough market for phones with 48-megapixel cameras out there. So many of them to go around in a short time. Meizu’s got its own twists and turns.
Nokia 1 Plus
Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 1 Plus and Nokia 210 round HMD’s MWC
The Nokia 9 PureView gave us a clear look at a true flagship from HMD Global, but the Nokia 4.2 and others represent its roots.
Entire Alcatel line-up of MWC 2019 budget phones leaked
Alcatel has had six of its budget phones leak out, specs and all. And we’re about to learn more from the company about its smartphones at MWC 2019.
LG K40, K50 and Q60 set for MWC 2019
Not exactly flagship salivation as with the G8 or V50, but there are three new mid-range Android phones from LG coming to Barcelona next week.
ZTE makes it back to a carrier with the $99 Visible R2
ZTE has had a long and rough patch dealing with an imports ban, but it has notched its first US carrier partnership since with the R2.
Nokia 1 Plus specs leaked
It looks like a sequel to Nokia’s most basic Android phone may be coming our way, perhaps in time for MWC 2019.
Redmi is transformed by Xiaomi into a new independent brand
Redmi and Xiaomi are parting ways as two “independent” brands so that the first one can focus more on budget-friendly smartphones
BLU Vivo Go is a burner Android Pie phone at $80
It’s an $80 phone with lightweight Android, a big screen, two cameras and a fingerprint sensor. Not much else you can ask for at that price.
Metro by T-Mobile to pick up Alcatel 1X Evolve, price to be revealed
The Alcatel 1X came on T-Mobile and left behind its original Android Go nature. The Alcatel 1X Evolve steps it up a tad on Metro by T-Mobile.
Galaxy M10 could be leading step in a new budget line
Geekbench runs show that it’s running with an older 32-bit chipset and fairly baseline specs for what may be part of a $200 smartphone series.
Honor 10 Lite out in China and it’s got some catches
Huawei’s youth-targeting brand is offering a $200 phone in China that has timely aspects in 2018 and some not so timely features.
Two new ZTE Blade Max phones and they can work on all the networks
The Blade Max View works on Verizon while the Blade Max 2s works on Sprint. Both of them also go on GSM networks, too. And they provide value under $200.
How much would you pay for the Xiaomi Mi 8X with in-display fingerprint scanning?
It has aspects of the Mi 8 SE and supposedly has a big feature grabbed right from the Mi 8 Explorer Edition. How much will it be?
BlackBerry KEY2 Lite said to shine bright in three colors
This “lite” phone comes in a charming red, but is just about the same size as a regular KEY2. So, what makes it so lite? The specs? The build?
Spotify Lite is a playlist-only, streaming-only app
Why doesn’t it allow downloads? It would make sense for people who are on tight data plans. In any case, it’s in testing right now.
UNREAL Mobile exploits Sprint/T-Mobile merger to offer unlimited data at $15 per month
Prepaid operators are concerned about wholesale data prices from the big players going up with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. FreedomPop wants to poke a hole in that fear.
Indonesia gets super-light ASUS ZenFone Live L1
There’s a standard version with 2GB of RAM and then there’s an Android Go version — compact, cleaner and snappy. And all of this for about $100.
iPhone SE 2 wannabe
iPhone SE 2 or Chinese Android iPhone X copy? Video shows it off
What does it look like to you? Maybe it could be the real iPhone X. Why are we even paying a shred of attention to this anyways?
HTC Breeze is not U12 nor the MTeoR, but an upcoming low-end phone
The Breeze name was used internally at the company to call upon the first Windows Mobile phone with 3G connectivity that launched in 2006. This is different.
Moto E5 rumored to place fingerprint sensor where it should’ve always been
For a while on the Moto X devices, Motorola had designed a little divot onto the back of the device featuring the company’s “batwing” logo. It provided a great resting place for a finger…
Honor 7X finally comes to the US at traditional price point of $200
Chinese company Huawei has been running a budget brand of extremely competent Android devices in the US for the past two years. This one strikes a new look.
Redmi Note 5 in the wild has some major specs affirmed
Xiaomi’s first smartphone with a 2:1 aspect ratio display is looking to be one that costs about $200. And it just might have great battery life.
Sprint probably won’t carry the BLU S1, even though the phone supports the network
The BLU S1 is your run of the mill $160 budget Android phone and it’s the first from the company to support Sprint bands. Don’t get sweaty about it, though.
frank. launches on Indiegogo with spec and perk details
It’s a US$180 Android phone that came together because a teenager from Ottawa couldn’t afford those fancy CA$1,000 phones.
Xiaomi Mi 5X could be taken to India as Android One phone “Xiaomi A1”
Could the “Xiaomi A1” bring a Chinese manufacturer closer to its Indian customers? An Indonesian outlet claims to have a scoop.