Chrome Canary on Android exhibits far-off features
There is a beta version of Chrome on Android. Then there is the developer version. But this new one for the mobile OS is stuck in a coalmine.
Project Spartan gets a new name as Microsoft announces its Edge browser
At Build 2015 today Microsoft has given Project Spartan a proper commercial name, announcing its Edge browser.
Google policies on bug-fixing older Android code viewed as security risk
Is the old Android browser security now a liability? Google’s not too interested in keeping security holes closed.
Link Bubble and TapPath: a better way to open links on Android
Link Bubble and TapPath are two of the most recent creations from Android developer Chris Lacy. What do they do? Watch this walkthrough video to find out!
Browser wars: Android vs iOS (Video)
The Android vs iOS comparisons will likely never end, but how do their stock browsers compare? Watch our Safari vs Chrome comparison to find out!
Latest Firefox beta lets web apps behave more like native Android apps
Learn of the exciting changes coming to how Firefox web apps look and interact with the rest of Android.
Opera Ice Gesture-Based Browser Coming to Multiple Platforms
Learn how Opera is trying to re-think the mobile web browser.
Chrome Update Brings Intel Support
Learn about the adjustments Google has made to Chrome to ensure full compatibility with new Intel-based Androids.
Google’s Bringing A Little Chrome To The iPad and iPhone
Google has announced that Chrome for iOS will be coming to the iPad and iPhone later today.
Browsing On Your Phone: Mobile vs. Desktop
It’s not quite as easy to find mobile sites as it used to be, with most companies now delivering mobile presence via apps, but there are still plenty to go around. Still, when we asked on our Facebook page what version of a site you prefer, fully half of those who voted selected “desktop site.” The question arises, then: what place do mobile-optimized sites have in today’s jumbophone-dominated world?
Mozilla’s Firefox for Android Sheds Beta Label, Now Available for Download
I’m not just Joe the Android Guy, I’m also Joe the Web…
New Dolphin Browser Claims Fastest HTML5 Around
Dolphin’s new Dolphin Engine boasts some impressive HTML5 speed alongside high compatibility.
Native Android UI Speeds-Up Latest Firefox Beta
Mozilla’s been working for months on a major re-tooling of Firefox for…
Chrome for Android Preparing to Leave Beta
Google’s earned itself a bit of a reputation for getting started with…
Google Releases Chrome for Android Update with Desktop Mode
Google gave Android users a powerful new browser option earlier this year…
Dolphin Browser Developer Releases BlackBerry PlayBook Version
Owners of BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet got their eagerly awaited update to PlayBook…
Google Brings Location Search History to Mobile Browsers
We’ve talked before about some of the tools Google has made available…
Dolphin Browser HD Gets “Sonar” Voice Commands
Dolphin Browser HD continues to try and attract new users by offering…
Major Browser Vulnerability Reported for Android, BlackBerry, iOS
While we may think of the web browsers that accompany the major…
Google Updates Chrome for Android, Brings Speed Improvements
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Google Talks Future of Chrome for Android
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Is Google’s Tracking of iPhone Users Underhanded?
Apple found itself in the hot seat recently after it was discovered…
Mozilla Offers First Deep Look Into Boot2Gecko (Images)
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Dolphin Browser 3.5 Comes to iPad With Webzine Improvements
The past few weeks have been pretty decent in regards to new…
First Chrome for Android Easter Eggs Discovered
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