Breeze app

Our Favorite App for Unplugging from Tech is made by CooTek

With the Breeze app you can easily reach your goals, whether that’s improving your focus and sleep, or reducing anxiety and stress.

HTC U12 and Desire 12 releases and specs get detailed

The Taiwanese company’s 2018 strategy is looking a little bit more complex than we had initially anticipated with three handsets and a little more robust stuff developing.

Russian HTC Desire 12 specs leaked in box design

It’s nothing spectacular, but with some more evidence piled on, it’s also becoming clear that the HTC Desire 12 will be real.

HTC Breeze is not U12 nor the MTeoR, but an upcoming low-end phone

The Breeze name was used internally at the company to call upon the first Windows Mobile phone with 3G connectivity that launched in 2006. This is different.