LG G8 ThinQ battery revealed to be 17 percent larger than G7’s

The LG G8 ThinQ will definitely need a larger battery than its predecessor if the company plans on packing more parts into its phones.

Moto G7 launch reportedly in Brazil late February

Motorola could be pulling a 2018 in 2019 with the launch of new Moto G phones before MWC takes place in late February. How soon?

Moto Z3 Play in Brazil has 6GB RAM configuration

The Moto Z3 Play is pretty darn costly in one of Motorola’s most popular markets, Brazil. Might as well make another option really worth customers’ whiles.

Motorola trialing Android Oreo on Moto Z2 Play with Brazil soak

The mid-range device is getting the first taste of Android 8.0 in South America. It is hoped that Verizon users will get this update soon.

Samsung HMD Odyssey boosts Windows Mixed Reality presence

Windows Mixed Reality headsets launch today and this one seems to be a crown jewel with AMOLED displays and a wide field of view.

Motorola event on August 24 in Brazil, could be regional Moto Z2 Force launch

There’s speculation that the Moto X4 will get the curtains torn down on, but the good bets are on the Moto Z2 Force and Moto G5S devices.

Brazil may get Moto X4 launch on June 21

There’s also speculation that the rest of the world may get a new Moto device before the end of the month. But other details make it all sketchy.

Moto recovering in Brazil, US, growing in India, focusing on APAC

Just when Motorola gets tapped for wear, the post-Moto Z improvement trend is reported to be continuing and with it, a new focus on Japan and Australia.

As promised, Google Duo gets voice calls while Allo gets file sharing

As Google starts distributing a bevy of improvements to its services in Brazil, Duo and Allo users worldwide are looking forward to some good news.

T-Mobile stretches Brazil offers until the end of the Paralympic Games

T-Mobile customers attending the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games can enjoy unlimited high-speed data, free calls and texts in Brazil through September 18.

Data speeds up in Brazil on Sprint Open World for August

It’s the first of August, the week of the Olympics and Sprint is chasing after T-Mobile with its own all-you-can-use international high-speed data offer.

T-Mobile goes all in for Rio 2016 with free calls, texts and high-speed data in Brazil

Sports fans undeterred by Brazil’s many problems on the eve of the 2016 Olympic Games kickoff will enjoy free nationwide service from T-Mobile in August.

Galaxy C5 FCC papers get in, Galaxy C7’s too

But Samsung may not end up bringing the Galaxy C5 and C7 to the United States, at least for now. Looking into the papers, we’d be struck to see it happen.