Legere seizes on Verizon 5G rate plan to promote Sprint/T-Mobile merger, price lock

The CEO of T-Mobile is slamming the price hike Verizon customers will have to take to access its 5G network. Sprint and T-Mobile customers won’t pay more.

Pixel Lite versions may come to market as Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL

We have more hints at a value-oriented Pixel phone or two from Google. This time around, we try and figure out how it will be branded.

Sprint takes AT&T 5G E lawsuit to the public in New York Times ad

The visibility of Sprint’s lawsuit against AT&T’s LTE-turning-into-5G marketing ploy has just shot up with a full-page ad and, we know, media coverage.

Sony rebrand leaked to turn Xperia XZ4 into Xperia 1

The Xperia XA3, still in the rumor pipelines, was rebranded as the Xperia 10. Does this mean the Xperia XZ4 will be the Xperia 1?

vivo soft launches iQOO, a premium smartphone sub-brand

The company has announced itself to the public, but is it truly ready for the spotlight? iQOO social media accounts look a little barren at the moment.
Galaxy S10 leak

Galaxy S10 Lite? Galaxy S10 E? Tipster says just “Galaxy S10”

A tipster who has tapped an inside source claims that the branding for the entry-level S10 device won’t be anything out of the box.

AT&T rebrands some LTE as “5G Evolution” in network icon on its phones

AT&T has been calling LTE-Advanced technology, clearly a fourth-generation innovation, as “5G Evolution.” And people will have to know about it.

Executive shuffle at ASUS means less ZenFone, more ROG Phone

The Taiwanese tech manufacturer wrote off just over US$200 million from its smartphone division as it switches strategies into 2019.

Galaxy Flex, Mate Flex, LG G Flex, Flexis Praxis | #PNWeekly 333

Jacklyn Dallas (aka NothingButTech88) joins us to talk about folding phone branding, Black Friday deals and news of future flagships!

Google Fi may no longer be a “Project”

Google’s wireless service may not be a project anymore, but when is the new logo coming out? It’s seen right here in this greeting card.
triple-camera LG V40

What we know about the LG V40 ThinQ

We have round up all of the rumors thus far given on the LG V40 ThinQ. All the big numbers you need to know about its five cameras are here!

Google Feed, formerly Google Now, is now Google Discover

The way that Google informs its app users on the latest news and personal information will be the way that it will inform all of its mobile web users.

MetroPCS becomes Metro by T-Mobile with Amazon Prime and Google One included

New unlimited data plans also come with Google’s cloud storage and, if you really want to stretch your dollar, an Amazon Prime subscription.

6.1-inch iPhone gets a new name in new Chinese leak

After having talked about the iPhone X sequel literally becoming the “iPhone XS,” are we ready for an iPhone XC? China Mobile thinks so.
iPhone XS video

What is an iPhone XS Max and how much will it cost?

A rose is a rose is a rose and regardless of how it will be called, the most expensive iPhone of 2018 could cost more than we’d dare to think.

iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4 pictured in leaks

Images of two iPhone models and an Apple Watch coming out this September 12. Will you be surprised at all by their looks?

Was this Huawei Mate 20 Pro teaser worth the safe it was locked in?

The graphic on this teaser is a little wrong and there’s a little something off when the little trinket doesn’t exactly go along with the theme suggested.

iPhone 9 shells appear and some interesting names suggested

Apple’s favorite way to note year-on refinements to its iPhone series is to use an ‘S.’ Well, guess what sources say is gonna happen this year?

OnePlus won’t compromise on wireless charging and won’t have it until it’s better

The CEO of the company is looking for faster, more efficient and non-destructive ways to charge his phones. Until then, it’s business as usual.

An iPhone is the most prominent sign of wealth in the United States

Researchers were able to find about 69 percent of people who owned an iPhone and 60 percent who owned an Android phone had high incomes.

ASUS ROG Phone may take on Razer Phone in the United States

Don’t be mistaken: it seems that heat for gaming phones is coming from China, so it looks like it will be the priority market. But perhaps… just maybe.

LG Q8+, perhaps a smaller V30, certified by Korean government

Well, it could be a small V30, just like how the Q8 was very much like the V34 in that it was a smaller V20. But what are all these model numbers signaling?

Leaked Pixel 3 XL had a legitimate Google logo on it

It might not have been a Google ‘G,’ but this “mirrored ‘E'” business is official business from Google and it’s on a leaked picture of a future phone.

Mint SIM becomes Mint Mobile

The company is rebranding as the prepaid wireless market in the United States is looking forward to a shakeup with Sprint and T-Mobile merging.

OnePlus’s “Dash Charge” branding might be on the way out

The company said that it was not able to get a trademark on the term in Europe as it conflicted with terms associated with Bragi and Amazon.