BQ Aquaris X2 and X2 Pro are two new additions to Android One

These two phones hit the mid-range of the smartphone market with lots of Qualcomm technologies and quick support of Android updates as they come.

Google’s PAX means a patent “peace” between Android OEMs

Nine manufacturers have signed on to give each other royalty-free licenses on all patents covering Android devices with Google services.

Ubuntu tablets finally open for pre-orders, with shipments going out next month

Ready to try out the convergence mode on the new Ubuntu tablets? Pre-orders just opened for the pair.

Canonical shares details on Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet

The upcoming Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet will connect with external PC accessories to offer users a full desktop experience.

Ubuntu tablet coming to MWC, with its own take on Microsoft’s Continuum

We’ve finally got a Ubuntu tablet on the way, expected to make an appearance at MWC late next month.

BQ Aquaris X5 is first Cyanogen phone carried by a network

Consider it a skin. Consider it a better Android. Consider it an…

Google further spreads Android One love to European customers

The newest inexpensive stock software-powered Android One device is the BQ Aquaris A4.5, available in Spain and Portugal for the rough equivalent of $200.

World’s second Ubuntu smartphone due later this month

The second Ubuntu phone is nearly here, with sales of the Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition slated to begin across Europe in just a couple weeks.

Ubuntu smartphone finally approaches retail debut

It’s been a long time coming, but Ubuntu smartphone sales are finally about to get underway next week.

Canonical reveals companies behind first Ubuntu smartphones

Ready for the first wave of Ubuntu-running smartphones? Find out who will be making them as the first two Ubuntu smartphone OEMs are announced.