Galaxy S10 display sizes

Not three, not four, but five Galaxy S10 models coming?

A new report suggests that there will be not three, not four, but five Galaxy S10 models coming, and we’re not counting colors and storage options.

HTC’s ‘Blackest Friday’ includes small U11 discount and free JBL earphones

The HTC U11 is on sale for the OEM’s “Blackest Friday” starting at $599, free JBL USB-C sport earphones and Fetch companion included.

Sprint-only HTC Bolt with Snapdragon 810 is $200 for a limited time

Black Friday this necessarily isn’t, but you can pull off a great deal if your circumstances match the case — $200 for a phone above the mid-range fold.

An HTC U11 deal, finally, in upcoming “Green is Good” campaign

The HTC U11 launched about five months ago and it’s about time that there was a sale on the thing. Fortunately, we’ll get it from October 2.

HTC Hot Deals provide a “Kick Off to Summer” with $120 off U Ultra

The HTC 10 stays relevant in the discount section (as well as the Bolt, if you think about it) while the U Ultra gets prime cuts.

HTC sale expands to general public as part of spring cleaning

The manufacturer is hoping you will get sprung into spring with some choice discounts on its recent phones and accessories.

HTC as ODM, again? Own-brand phones shrink away at T-Mobile, AT&T

HTC has been struggling for years as a manufacturer that wanted a name in the industry. Can it really save itself by hiding behind curtains again?

Sprint 3CA service spreads to iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, LG V20

Faster download and upload speeds that launched with the HTC Bolt have spread to six other devices and another six are on the way.

The Sony Xperia XZ is the most popular flagship from the second half of 2016

Sony has Samsung to thank with its Note 7 crash and burn. But even at this point, the Note 7 is still being used more than the V20, 3T and Bolt combined.

HTC Bolt buyers are now ‘rewarded’ with free USB-C to 3.5mm audio adapters

How can the headphone jack-killing HTC Bolt come without a USB-C to 3.5mm cable? Beats us, but at least the adapter is now offered as a free gift.

HTC 10 evo launches as the global HTC Bolt

The HTC Bolt, released for Sprint, has renamed itself and set its sights on the world as the HTC 10 evo. And yes, it has that Snapdragon 810 processor.

HTC 10 evo event scheduled to bring Bolt into the world on November 22

It’s known as the HTC Bolt from Sprint in the US and it may soon be known to the world as the revival of the HTC One M9 for some reason.

HTC One X10 and Desire 650 among several new phones certified in Russia

Russia’s regulatory bureaus today inform of the imminent arrivals of the HTC One X10 and Desire 650, as well as 10 evo and Desire 10 Pro.

Sprint BOGO on Galaxy S7 just part of pre-Black Friday deals slate

HTC and LG phones are also on the discount block while a whole bunch of accessories from loud cans to a Star Wars ball are getting the spotlight.

HTC 10 could start receiving Nougat this month, Bolt’s international 10 evo name rumored again

This isn’t officially confirmed yet, but the HTC 10 should probably score Android 7.0 goodies soon, with the 10 evo, aka Bolt, headed for EMEA.

HTC Bolt First Impressions: Unboxing Sprint’s Fastest Phone

HTC is wrapping up 2016 with an attractive phone packing an odd combination of hardware components. Here’s our HTC Bolt first impressions!

HTC Bolt lights up Sprint’s LTE Plus network, 5.5-inch Quad HD screen and Nougat included

The 5.5-inch Quad HD HTC Bolt is official and available exclusively from Sprint, with a familiar design and mixed specs.

Sprint-exclusive HTC Bolt revealed to feature 16/8MP cams, IP57 rating, 3,200mAh cell

Expected out in a few days on Sprint, the 5.5-inch HTC Bolt has almost all of its specs and features prematurely disclosed.

HTC “A17” Desire phone may come with Bolt/HTC 10 evo/Acadia

The rumored Desire phone is supposed to launch with Android Marshmallow and could be a lowly phone in terms of specifications.

Nostalgia overload: Sprint’s upcoming HTC Bolt to be dubbed 10 evo ‘globally’

In case the Sprint-bound HTC Bolt didn’t sound weird and random enough, it turns out its “global” name will be HTC 10 evo.

Let’s chat Nintendo Switch and LeReactions to LeEco Le Pro 3 | #PNWeekly 223

Nintendo showed off the Switch. LeEco showed off the Le Pro 3, and the FCC showed off some fines for T-Mobile. #PNWeekly podcast 223!

HTC Bolt tipped to revive controversial Snapdragon 810 SoC, adopt WQHD screen resolution

The HTC Bolt was shaping up as a promising HTC 10 big brother, even without a headphone jack, until Snapdragon 810 gossip emerged.

Wild photos of HTC Bolt leaked

Sprint and other global carriers will get this HTC Bolt starting this month. It has a more resolute camera, but no headphone jack.

Don’t worry, the HTC Bolt is likely headed for EMEA too, with Android Nougat out the box

The upcoming HTC Bolt “gotta” see daylight in the EMEA region alongside America’s Sprint network, powered by Android Nougat off the bat.

HTC Ocean with Sense Touch is probably too neat a concept to ever materialize

A longtime HTC designer envisions something called Sense Touch revolutionizing user interaction on a concept phone dubbed HTC Ocean.