Best Buy gets in on the BOGO craze with two for one Verizon iPhone deal

If you can’t decide between Verizon and T-Mobile, Best Buy also has a BOGO deal you may want to consider, selling two new iPhones for the price of one.

Verizon follows T-Mobile’s suit with slew of Father’s Day BOGO deals of its own

What better way to show your dear old dad how much he means to you than buying a high-end Android or iOS phone for both you and him at a special price?

There’s a new BOGO at T-Mobile, while MetroPCS takes $150 off any phone for switchers

Every season is gift-giving season at T-Mobile and MetroPCS, including tax season, during which you can get a number of free or at least heavily discounted smartphones.

AT&T offers rare iPhone X BOGO deal for ‘limited time’, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also eligible

If you’re looking to buy two iPhone X, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus units, or even mix and match them at a solid discount, AT&T has a new BOGO arrangement for Next signers.

T-Mobile brings back iPhone 8 BOGO deal and iPhone X trade-in discounts for Christmas

From Thursday, December 21 through end of day on Sunday, December 24, T-Mobile customers can get iPhone X discounts with trade-ins and iPhone 8 BOGOs.

Another iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 BOGO deal is coming, this time from Verizon

Starting this Friday, for a limited time only, new and existing Verizon subscribers will be able to buy an iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 and get one free.

T-Mobile has BOGO deals on iPhone 8 and high-end Androids, MetroPCS offers free Amazon Prime

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy an iPhone 8 or one of many flagship Androids from T-Mobile, and receive a second unit free of charge.

T-Mobile lets its early LG V30 adopters get a second unit at $500 off or a free G6 or V20

If the $800 LG V30 feels too rich for your blood, maybe a $500 discount on a second unit from T-Mobile will help sweeten the deal.

Buckle up, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 buyers, the BOGO deals are coming

The first (largely) straightforward Samsung Galaxy Note 8 BOGO promotion will apparently kick off at T-Mobile tomorrow, September 1.