Samsung Galaxy Note Fold
Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Changes GOOD and BAD?! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the changes in the future Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the possible launch of the Huawei Mate X and more
Verizon Galaxy S10 BOGO and trade-in deals go life tomorrow
Big Red is letting customers get a Galaxy S10e for free, basically. They just have to buy another S10e, S10 or S10+ first.
Verizon LG V40 ThinQ deal stacks half-off plus BOGO(ish) for everyone
The carrier’s deal also applies to the LG G7 ThinQ, too! And between that and the LG V40 ThinQ, either offer is quite appealing.
T-Mobile Galaxy Watch BOGO deal starts January 2, plus Apple Watch and more
$200 off a second Apple Watch? A free second Galaxy Watch? Here are some of the things you need to know about these deals for the new year.
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20
Verizon’s Black Friday deals include a new Mickey Mouse watch
There’s plenty of “buy one, get one” discounts to pass along, but the Checkmark has also taken the opportunity to launch a few products, too.
iPhone SE vs iPhone XR
Sprint and Verizon announce strings-attached free iPhone XR deals
On one network, you can get a free iPhone XR for 18 months with a trade-in. On the other, you have to buy one to get one free.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is here, and so are its best deals
Here are some of the best deals you can find for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that’s available right now in many networks and places around the world
BOGO deals from AT&T on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Check out these BOGO deals that AT&T offers for the people who are interested in buying the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and getting a free device
BOGO deal on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders with Verizon
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 BOGO deals on Verizon, if you buy Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone during pre-order
Apple Watch BOGO deal on T-Mobile strikes $215 off second one
For the record, that’s half-off a 42mm aluminium Apple Watch Series 3. But you’ll need to get into a DIGITS plan to take advantage. What does that mean?
AT&T again offers $1,000 credit for BOGO iPhone X deal
For the wireless networks, Father’s Day is a war on getting dad a new phone. AT&T is pulling out the big guns for this one.
Best Buy gets in on the BOGO craze with two for one Verizon iPhone deal
If you can’t decide between Verizon and T-Mobile, Best Buy also has a BOGO deal you may want to consider, selling two new iPhones for the price of one.
Verizon follows T-Mobile’s suit with slew of Father’s Day BOGO deals of its own
What better way to show your dear old dad how much he means to you than buying a high-end Android or iOS phone for both you and him at a special price?
LG G7 ThinQ
Sprint charging $792 for LG G7 ThinQ with BOGO lease offering
That’s $42 more than what T-Mobile or Verizon is putting up for the same phone right now. And the “BOGO” part of it is less appealing than T-Mo’s deal. But if you’re loyal to Sprint, this is your option.
LG G7 ThinQ
LG G7 ThinQ gets a $750 FRP and introductory BOGO deal at T-Mobile
T-Mobile is just about ready to accept LG G7 ThinQ pre-orders in exchange for a $30 down payment and $30 monthly installments, with offline inventory set to arrive on June 1.
Sprint Galaxy S9 BOGO deal announced for customers who want to be a star
If you’re on Sprint and are looking to upgrade to that new Samsung phone you’ve been hearing about, you might want to make need to see if you can make room for two.
There’s a new BOGO at T-Mobile, while MetroPCS takes $150 off any phone for switchers
Every season is gift-giving season at T-Mobile and MetroPCS, including tax season, during which you can get a number of free or at least heavily discounted smartphones.
AT&T offers rare iPhone X BOGO deal for ‘limited time’, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also eligible
If you’re looking to buy two iPhone X, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus units, or even mix and match them at a solid discount, AT&T has a new BOGO arrangement for Next signers.
T-Mobile has fresh discounts for all, whether you’re looking for one or two new phones
This may just be the most comprehensive list of T-Mobile deals unveiled in quite some time, catering to iOS and Android fans, switchers, traders and BOGO hunters.
Sprint brings back iPhone 8 BOGO deal for end of the year
The “buy one, get one” deal never gets old and the iPhone 8 isn’t getting any newer. Carriers like Sprint are looking to get them off shelves.
T-Mobile brings back iPhone 8 BOGO deal and iPhone X trade-in discounts for Christmas
From Thursday, December 21 through end of day on Sunday, December 24, T-Mobile customers can get iPhone X discounts with trade-ins and iPhone 8 BOGOs.
T-Mobile has BOGO deals on iPhone 8 and high-end Androids, MetroPCS offers free Amazon Prime
Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy an iPhone 8 or one of many flagship Androids from T-Mobile, and receive a second unit free of charge.
T-Mobile will officially charge just $650 for LG G6, AT&T offers BOGO deal off the bat
Technically, the LG G6 is cheaper at T-Mobile than AT&T, but the latter carrier offers by far the better deals, also kicking off pre-orders early.
Sprint is back with another buy-one-get-one-free iPhone 6s deal
For a limited time, you can once again buy two iPhone 6s or 6s Plus units with device installment plans from Sprint for the normal price of one.