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It seems that the iPhone 12 will use OLED displays made in China

We could see less Samsung OLED panels in the upcoming iPhone 12 according to a new report from South Korea

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Huawei foldable smartphone

Apple could add BOE to its OLED panel suppliers

According to Chinese media cited by DigiTimes, Apple could add China’s BOE Technology to the list of OLED panel suppliers, backing up Samsung.
Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Pocketnow Daily: A THIRD Galaxy Note 10??(video)

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BOE develops in-display fingerprint scanner for LCD displays, starts production by end of 2019

Chinese display manufacturer BOE announced that it developed the technology required to place an in-display fingerprint scanner inside an LCD panel.

Samsung Display to be the sole supplier for the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

A recent report suggests that the sole supplier of display panels for the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro is Samsung, and not China’s BOE Technology.
Huawei foldable smartphone

China’s BOE to supply Apple with OLED panels for its iPhones?

A recent report suggests that Apple could be using OLED panels from China’s BOE, in addition or instead of the Samsung ones it is currently using.
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BOE to dominate China’s smartphone panel manufacturing sector

A recent report predicts that China’s BOE will establish itself as the key player on China’s smartphone panel manufacturing sector with flexible AMOLED panels.
Huawei foldable smartphone

BOE aims to dethrone Samsung Display in AMOLED panels

China’s BOE Technology could very well snatch the first place from Samsung Display by the end of this year, according to a report.

China’s BOE starts building third 6G flexible OLED line

China-based BOE, a possible Huawei supplier of foldable displays, has started building its third 6G flexible OLED line with a massive investment.

BOE foldable display demoed, can be folded 100,000 times

A BOE foldable display made in China has been demoed and, while it fits the foldable smartphone form factor, it can be folded 100k times.
Huawei foldable smartphone

China’s BOE courts Samsung to become its OLED panel supplier

Chinese display manufacturer BOE courts Samsung Electronics to become an OLED supplier for the world’s largest smartphone maker.

China’s BOE Technology starts micro-OLED trial production early next year

Early next year is when China’s BOE Technology will start its trial production for micro-OLED displays and it plans on shipping volumes.
Huawei P20 Pro review

Chinese display maker BOE helping Huawei with a foldable smartphone

BOE is already reportedly very busy on multiple foldable phone projects, but it looks like Huawei could be working with LG Display in the meantime for a short-term release.

TrendForce: OLED smartphones will take up half the market by 2020

TrendForce’s WitsView unit believes that Chinese display-makers will have to step up their game exponentially to chase iPhone display orders.

Apple asks for more OLED iPhone screens from Samsung, total comes to 160 million

The new order means that Apple will have 160 million OLED panels from Samsung at some point. So, when does the iPhone go all-OLED?