It’s official and nearly unobtainable — LG V35 Signature edition

It has zirconium in it, so you know it’s pretty darn luxurious. There’s also a pair of active noise-cancelling headphones inside. So… how much?

LG V30 gets sound checked with another Quad DAC system from ESS Technology

Other audio boosts include better audio streams with help from the company making TIDAL possible and B&O Play with free headphones.

The Beoplay P2 from B&O Play puts big Bluetooth sound in your pocket

Up to 50 watts of sound from a speaker that you can shove down a pocket. And it might just be right for you, if you have the trust fund to get at it.

If you pre-ordered an LG V20, register for your B&O Play H3 earbuds here

This is the first Bang & Olufsen product that LG has bundled in and brought to the US through either sales or promotion, ever.

LG V20 for 20: Verizon kicks off sales tomorrow for $672

October 20 is tomorrow. Perfect time for Verizon to start selling the LG V20, a phone with two rear cameras and two screens.

This is the LG V20, officially out with Android Nougat and a Quad DAC system

The world has its first native Android Nougat smartphone and it boasts major multimedia hardware and software. Check out its specs here.